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Hehe there's not alot to tell you guys um I... I am a high school student at grand haven high school sometimes I wish I was a guy so that I could be gay I read yaoi all the time and I enjoy reading a webcomic named homestuck I live in the us and yeah... wow awkward silence I am not that skilled at drawing people but I do awesome landscapes that are said to be very realistic I love to rp with people and if you ever want to just contact me through email over yonder on the page oh and I'm on Twitter and Tumblr it always has to do with thebucketless and sometimes I add a 13 at the end but I'm too lazy to look up what the names are so yep check it out sometime I'm also on DeviantArt!
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Are you back?!?! (Hopeful shimmering anime eyes)
Wow I relate to Leslie so much I am just like that!
I don't care what he thinks he should not insinuate that they aren't serious!
I'm not sure if I'd call that friendship more like burning hatred
I myself am turning into a man once I turn 18 and/or save up enough money to get the hormones and surgery I hate being a girl so if the person I am dating doesn't like it then they aren't the one meant for me and eventually I will find my soul mate
June 30th, 2013
Didn't wake up while his house is on fire... that sounds like something I would do
So he had a kismesis
Timothy seems to be the voice of reason even with his strange thing with Richard
I feel like there is going to be stuff thrown again and not necessarily pillows……
In the third pannel with Shunos hair like that it make Kaito look like he is smiling
Shuno is like a horny puppy that Kaito yells at all the time and eventually he will fall for Shuno like he fell for "cat face puppy" and when that time comes I expect much smut
I love the sex scenes! They are so well drawn best I've seen to tell the truth
I think they're cute together but it pisses me off that he's trying to trick sensei
no I have a boyfriend
"When did this story go straight?" Lol it's funny cuz the story is so twisted in a kinky way
The kid just got to meat his hero his mind is blown
I have a one eyed cat too his name is Jackolantern I love him so much and yeah first commenter
Naked chest really hot naked chest 0////0
Those poor ninjas
Talk about giving a cold welcome