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Comic artist and angelology lover from the prairies! I have a deep love for coffee, eyebrows, and the winged. I literally breath comics. No really, a speech bubble just flew out my nose. Oh god. Make it stop.
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@Tinypic: darn you!!! D:
@Luna_Rose: Sorry about that! Should be fixed for now
FINALLY a page!

I am posting this off the coast of Russia. People from St Petersburg... you have a GORGEOUS city!
до свидания!

On my way to Copenhagen. Working on pages between ports. Check out chapter 2 where I've been slowly but surely updating the nearly 6 year old pages!


So... Tinypic is gone. I'm in London right now and cant do much editing but at least I can get rid of all the annoying tinypic stuff until I can fix up the site again.
Sorry for the loooong absences between pages guys. I've also been working on Chapter 2 redo, and prepping for a 3 week Europe trip in September so I'm busy.

By no means is this comic on a real hiatus, I'm just taking a molasses pace hehe
@GrannySmith: Yes and Yes :O
@Observer: Ooohh trust me I am not done with my trash son Jared

Ideally we would be at the point where Jared re-enters the story but due to life and work my updates have slowed dramatically

That and in the story, really less than 2 weeks has passed since he stormed out on them so for Simon and the gang there is no reason to worry yet.
Posts have slowed down (even more than possible, yikes) because I've finally picked up the Chapter 2 redo again, check it out!
@Merrsharr: ...that is technically Lailah lol
"A 5 hour date seems excessive" LMAOOO OH YOUNGER ARSWISS U SO INNOCENT
@MoxMox: it iiiiiis hehe
WWWOOOOWWW so this page took me an eternity.
Simon and Co having a great week at the Heaven Camp!
Aaaaaand Sachael has pelican wings!!
JAYSUS I finally finished this page

Sorry for the 2 week hiatus I... I'm gonna be honest.
I'm losing the fire for this project. I think I'm just burning out. But life is extremely busy and while I still do love this story I find it less and less interesting to work on.
Doesn't mean I'm going to stop working on it though. I'm going to keep going, but I don't want to promise when I'll post pages. Maybe for now it will just be a "post when I finish a page" kind of thing, despite how frustrating I know that schedule can be.

One day the fire might come back. Right now though, I'm tired.
@slaybay: I appreciate constructive criticism and thank you for your opinion!

Now take your 2017 argument and fuck off you limp noodle
@MoxMox: Not with that scar on his back :P
*cracks knuckles*
Anpiel is an angel charged with the protection of birds. Anpiel is also one of the angels that helped bring Enoch to heaven when he became Metatron, so they know each other very well!
Anpiel has bluejay wings, in case anyone was wondering!

Imagine this giant 30ish foot wingspan of the brightest blue... what a sight
Helllloooo birdie angel!!
Genesis 2:16 - And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”