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Wow he looks slightly older O.o Maybe due to his serious expression.
OMG an update
Yes! Finally the wait is over!! :D So nice to see you guys again!
Awwww at those little feet...
Awwww Link, you are a cake...
Love the stubborn Zelda! I really want to know what's going on with Ganon too.
Oh no, poor Ganny D8
You better have a good explanation to this hostility, Zelda >:O
Most awesome Zelda I´ve ever seen. Want moar!!
Link´s bed is really big! Makes me wonder where is Ganon going to sleep that night...
Wow, beautiful! I love the atmosphere!
Aw don´t worry Link, Ganny will come back.
That was unexpected and extremely cute!
I am really seeing Ganny as a lost puppy, that is found by Link and is now loyal to him XD