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Draco Veritatis
I am Draco Veritatis. My name means Dragon of Truth. I have also committed myself to learning Binary code. Yes, I can basically read binary
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    Draco (I am not kidding)
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More Togepi egg trade from Mr. Pokemon
@Frost The Wolf: Look for Fossils!
Just want to say something

XD001 was Dark Lugia

I think that XD002 might be Darkrai

I believe that there might be an XD003. Any guesses who it is?
He's going back to the real world, isn't he?
Yay, my question was answered!
Crystal-Who would you rather be in a room alone with: Gold or Eusine?

Silver-What type would you use for your gym?

Gold-You sure that you didn't kiss Silver?
@Pokemontrainergigi: I love Clash of Heroes! I am also playing Y and looking for an Absol. Now if you excuse me, I will continue on my hunt.
Gem/eye in the center of his/her forehead...

I am going to have to agree with MecanicalCH.
It's the new Spring Head!


And for good measure, AAA!
*Throws bomb of cliff*

Never again...

*high-fives Gatamigo while walking away*
@Shard: At least the pink Celebi isn't in this comic...

Oh no, I probably gave you an idea for the Celebi's girlfriend