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LOVE All manga out there, im fat, got a big thing for boys' love, and to the public, i'm a extremely tall, weird, innocent girl. (But if youl like bl and stuff like that, we all know how far that innonence goes.) ;P
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what I don't get
They been writing letters back and forth for YEARS. They didn't give each other a single picture over that time?
Look at 'im go...
this guy goes from bashful to shocked to happy and then sad/happy all in one page.
this is adorable. :D

Gah and the art is amazing!
They're both so dang MANLY, now, you know? Liam's all take charge and buff manly, and Edward the clever and witty guy. I feel a major power struggle coming on for some reason... But maybe I'm drawing too many parallels from Captive Prince by freece. :)
October 1st, 2010
You fell into that one kiddo. That was clever, though.

But really, if you saved a person's life without their consent, without their asking, they owe you nothing. You acted on your own means. So dumb answer.
he gets from his mamma. :D
Hm, yeah, that a goood question...
YOu mean that one holding the sword/dagger at its head? Maybe it orginates from legend? Or Tarot cards... :B
Hi, I'm gonna bug the crap out of everyone eventually...
I don't know about the universe: That has yet be in (or out of) possible measurement, and its size is unkown. What I do know is that gravity is a force that everything with mass has. Therefore, due to size difference, Earth is pulled into a orbit by the Sun, but big enough to enforce gravity on us and the air aound us (good thing too, lest we fall off the earth forever). In comparsion though, the force of gravity is comparitively weak to that of an ionic bond (like in salt, or, the very structures of atoms themselves). For instance, you defy gravity by walking, jumping, and getting on a plane.
Yes there is...
But I couldn't tell you how different; yeah, they could even use the EXACT SAME ingredients, but if the structure is *slightly* off, you could get whole new substances. (remember, both coals and diamonds are made of carbon)
I am going to annoyingly try to answer this...
I think the saying was coined by Shakespeare, in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not sure about either though.
I know this one!!!
It was the Chinese, letting them establish a stable government (because paper money only works if you actually believed in its value and that value was enforced)and .... something about it being lightweight and usable for kindling. :D

Wow, history class WAS good for something....
Am I the only douche face that noticed?
I was confused for a moment becuase it looks like the brains are splattering out of the wrong hole there: shouldn't more be leaving the exit hole, and not the entry? Or is my perception of the thing backwards??? I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice these things... ;n;
ARRRGH, why? We've already been through so much!!! Don't hate their man-love; you have other kids to carry on the family line! Surely your reputation isn't all that much o you because you live in the middle of bum-hole NOWHERE!!!! DX
I wonder...
Does anyone else find it fishy that the male nurse dude and Vidu look creepily similar? Plus, that male nurse didn't even freak out about her story, but accepted AND helped her? I smell something fishy, and it aint' salmon....
Not to be a jerk and all, but is that an barcode above his butt?
I didn't know henry was such a player.... He's good..XD
I didn't see that one coming..... I should've though.I mean, now that I think about it, he IS the black sheep in the flock,
but I thought it was just because Hreald wanted for them to have differnet hair colors.

Oh,and is it possible she could've been raped? She old adn wrinlly now, but if you kinda squint you can kind of see the beauty see once had.
Is it just me, or is one of the sisters wearing a wedding dress?
You let people from TOYKOPOP get you down, what's wrong with you? I they're just hypocrites, the lot ofthem. They SAY they're leading the manga revolution worldwide but,HEllOOO? most the mangas that are published by them are are only decent cover-wise. Most of them are filled with flat lifeless charaters that only a shallow person could relate to , people with such pretty faces that you know that they're only that pretty to distract you from the crappy dialogue adn plot. Plus they all either look like fraternal of indentical twins, even the couples!!And if there IS ever an normal looking person is a background peorson literally blobbed together in a mob of facelss people. Pathetic.

The people running tokyopop are only using manga to get a bunch of sex-deprived preteen girls' money. The people eho commented on your comic probably didn't want plot or createvity: just just wanted pretty faces to put to their dirty day dreams. As for the createvity remarks? Well, DUH! The people commenting must be six or something if they're crushing you because it wasn't original! Whne it comes down to it, every possible plot and plot twist have been done over and over. Like I said earlier; tokyopop is filled with a bunch of hypocrites. They say that they lead the "revolution" but have yet to even try looking revolution in the dictionary. Revolution pretty much equals one thing: Change. Now I'm not saying that the pointy big-eyed pretty boy faces are bad, but that doesn't gives people the right call something that isn't just that to pass judgement if something is or isnt manga? And come on! ther are tons of good mangas out there that don't fit that picture. Deathnote,Hellsing, King of Thorn,and ClaymoreA chapterr of any of these magas would hold higer value and work han most volumes of the work published there. Your better than that.
Just Wondering......
Will the story ever spread outside the mansion? I mean, being openly gay didn't become accepted sub-cultures the Americas or Europe until the 1970's, not the 1870's, I think.