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Silly, you need to stretch the muscle to get it to relax! I know, they hurt like hell though.
I love the castle, it looks so cool!
Sorry the update is a little late...
Double update!
New Start
Chapter one begins!
I love every page of this comic. It is awesome!
All Wrapped Up
So the prologue is finally done. How satisfying to complete the whole thing! Alright, lets get into the good stuff! Chapter 1 on the way!
Ah finally we've left the full color pages behind. Even though they were simple and quick, those color pages were a bit of a pain. I don't usually work with color of any kind, so it was largely a learning experience. The black and white inking is faster and more fun to me, so I'm glad to be moving on.

Just in case I didn't make it clear, the shift to black and white is supposed to indicate the move to real time, instead of flash back stuff...Though now I see its usually the other way around...ehehehe...heh.
February 26th, 2014
At the time I drew this page I was smack in the middle of my pediatric clinical rotations. Somehow it was strange to spend the day with kids and then come home and draw one.
February 26th, 2014
Another Monday, another page! Hope the week goes well for everyone.
February 26th, 2014
He looks like he was found in a hole in the ground...
Yes, looking at it now the poor kid does look a bit like a hobbit, only because of the color scheme...oh well. There's worse things he could look like.
Each of the thrones was an attempt to (loosely) represent the respective countries and elements that each kingdom is based on. Some of the designs communicate more blatantly than others...
February 26th, 2014
Back in the Saddle
Hey! The comic is not dead, in fact, I've been plodding along working on it this whole time! Actually I had another project that I was doing, but now I'm back to regular updates. I took time to make sure the whole prologue is done, and the pages are set to be released every Monday and Friday to come, plus I have some pages of the next chapter done as well. So no more breaks for a while.

Thanks for sticking around!
NO! You can't just give up! I don't know all that well what your circumstances are, or what prompted you to begin thinking this way, but those thoughts need to be shut down. I believe that your passion for illustration and writing didn't happen by chance, it happened because you were meant to do this! We can sit here and write happy encouragements to you all day, but it really comes down to you and whether or not you are going to continue to believe the negative thoughts that keep butting in. You've developed this talent! You have something to contribute!
This is awesome! I love the character designs, and especially the unconventional page layouts. You keep things very interesting!
@YonYonYon: You should be proud, this page is beautiful. The trees are especially well done.
Wow I just saw this on Tumblr! Your art is getting around!
Consistency is hard...
Phew, finally got an update! I know I don't exactly have a large, impatient audience, but I am sorry for waiting so long to update. :( Keeping up with a web comic is harder than I thought, and I wonder if I was fully prepared to start this one, or if my excitement got the better of me. Oh well, just gotta keep going now. Enjoy!
January 13th, 2014
Hang in there!
Keeping it up here! Honestly I'm ready to be done with this prologue and get onto the rest of the comic, but there is important information that needs to be laid out early on, and this is the best way I could think to do it. I hope its not too tedious for you all.
@LuckMouse: Thanks so much for your comments, they are really encouraging.