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Bouncing off wall and screaming yay!!!!!!
Oooooo it is so spirit like!!
Lol Louie reminds me of Zoro from One Piece!!
It great to see this amazing story back and I thank you for both for your hard work!!
Now I wonder if there is more subscriber like that who would name them selves that way! XD!
Hey I just finished reading this it is great and I want to read more!
@ErrePi: haha I sort of suspected that it might of have been not real (I did a lot of digging) but, I was really liking the comic so I just ignore that and continued to enjoy it. I have truly enjoyed what you have written thank you.
That is great to hear you might as well starting dreaming the rest of the story in your sleep!
Question for Brad (for it been bugging me for awhile in a curious way) what makes David's dad so cute or attractive?

Did Conor enjoy the nature at the beach at all for, he seemed more preoccupied with what was slowly destroying it?

How did the swimimg lessons go for the two you and Bernard? Was Brad a good teacher?

Did you eat your favorite food there?! Please name the name them if, there are other one we do not know about!
I actually like sneezing and for some reason I feel so refreshed from them. Be very happy it is not coughing which I did a lot as a kid to a point my neck muscle were sore.
Thank goodness you do for, a new roommate always liven up a house if they are good like my uncle he is normally busy but fun to be around on his days off.
Oh that makes sense! I had a more exaggerated idea about how big they can get but, all the same it is nice to watch them fall from the sky!
Do please check on who will be living with you and Dave because let just say I had a bad experience with one time someone else was renting a room in my patents house, once.
This just popped into my head maybe it is a survival thing to get more food from you.
I have Never seen giant snowflakes so I will ask you how big they are; are they as big chocolate chip cookies.
That is basically how I feeling about too but the one thing that I like about winter is how the wind go through the tree which calms me to a point of sleeping.
Maybe it is a cat thing and Muffin sees you as one them.
I would rather be paid in good days or really good friends.
Just find sleep causing things like reading.