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@The Red R: Dude I keep getting emails whenever you reply to one of my comments and I gotta tell you: It's bizarre to look at. I mean, I stopped checking up with these comics so long ago, I haven't thought about them in a while too. I'm glad you're invested enough in my weirdo quip character to want to comment about it, I was pretty happy to appear on there at the time! So yeah, I guess I just wanted to try and reach out to you, see if you get this message.
@Sagat the Tiger: That's great to hear!
Hey! It's great to see you back!
Third panel: Proto man is missing. Fifth panel: Typo in Wily's speech.
@Guest: why not?
@Light and Shadow: No. It's just the pre-cake. There was also a post-cake but it was to big to exist in this realm or any other for that matter.
@A duck: *Tiny violin music* actually he did mention his current situation in pokemon fortune
@Light and Shadow: the shadow is even larger
how do you pronounce Keeby?
why did kirby switch hats???
i love you and this is worrying
but please give us an update on the situation
i failed
I think the script could be a good idea
*claws my way back to the comment section*
In kirby's dream land 3,
cat stroke you!