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@Alexis_Royce: The moment I typed it I knew it was THE perfect comment for this page
Okay, let's rap a bit. For a room described as garishly colored, the colors in the picture are surprisingly muted.
They went with the solid looking man after the guy with the holes in his chest died.
Dammit, I KNEW we used too much lens flare. We'll have to fix it in post-production.
Hank: that's it, keep it steady

Bobby: this is so cool! I'm driving the HELL out of this truck, aren't I, dad?

Hank: heh heh heh, you sure are son, you sure are.

*swelling music*

*cue funky eighties music*
You had one chance and you BLEW it! It's RAW! GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!
Why does every frame in this movie look like someones last known photograph?
/previous comment redacted for feeling like a spoiler
MorphE? What is this, a subtle pay us money demand? More Fee?
That laugh makes me feel funny feelings I'm not comfortable with. The sadism turns me on...
Of course, if I HAD clicked on that box, this is what I would have seen. @notworthit
Gah, I still want to be able to click on that box!
Why yes, I believe I will read this comic.