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Watching Cosplay and Cross-cosplay, wearing Gothic/Lolita fashion, watching ballet, reading shoujo manga, watching shoujo anime, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, attending anime conventions, creative TG fiction writing, drawing manga and comics in the Japanese style of anime, competitive adult ice skating, watching demolition derbys.
The Wildflowers Wiki was created today by myself as a tribute to AnnaKrog and her web comic Wildflowers. Eventually, the entire story of Annie Andrews will be chronicled in this wiki.
The first page ( the only page so far ) can be found here---

( If the link does not work, then copy and paste. When the front page comes up, click on 'Manga Sections', then click on 'Sections 11-20', then click on 'Cookies'. You will see a representive page of what the entire wiki will eventually look like. )
The other transgender themed comic and manga that I enjoy reading, namely Wildflowers, has also come to an end. I identify with both Alexis and Annie Andrews, as I myself am trans. I will miss both Alexis and Wildflowers.
Eventually, the story of Annie Andrews and Wildflowers will be retold in a Wildflowers Wiki on FANDOM Wikia, when in the near future I hope to create this commemorative wiki. I only hope and pray that this website stays up so that I can return to it again and again for research and study. At the very least, I hope it stays up long enough for me to copy the entire 2010+ pages of the manga onto a RAM plugin.

There are yet many more yet to be transpeople who right now are just beginning to investigate their own gender identity, and will come to benefit from the work of AnnaKrog and Wildflowers. To this end, this website of Wildflowers needs to stay up, so these future fans may be able to read about the story of Annie.

I wish the best for whatever happens to AnnaKrog. May you, of all people, be among the Wildflowers !

Will the SmackJeeves or the websites still stay up so that ones can read the whole story of Annie ? Or will they be wiped clean or taken down, with nothing to find in archive ? Please let your fans know if the websites will stay up, or be taken down.
I wish you the best possible outcome for whatever you are doing, AK. Take care in all things !
The new Principal seems to be a vast improvement over Harper, however, at this time, it seems that circumstances are preventing Annie from being in a position to appreciate it.
" That being said and I know this is incredibly selfish on my end but if the last update doesn't finish the story could you (GreenKrog) write like a one page epilogue to tie up loose ends?"

One final thought about the potential end of Wildflowers is that a dojinshi manga (ōjinshi ) could be used for such purpose as you mentioned that you, Dark_Melody, wanted to see. However, the prerogative for the wrapup of Wildflowers should be left to AnnaKrog, the creator and author, according to what they decide to do. I will wait to see what is to be decided, before I consider anything like a Wiki or a Dojinshi manga for Wildflowers. Give the author of Wildflowers the necessary time to do what is best.
I would hope that it never comes to it, AnnaKrog, that you simply can not continue with Wildflowers for whatever reason, but if it does happen, then I will at that time consider 'picking up the torch' and continuing on with Wildflowers, as a Wildflowers Wiki. It is the least that I can do to pay back all of the drama and encouragement that I have received from Wildflowers !
" I did quit drawing them. "

" So will you post the rest and then make an epilogue or are you done for good and just posting the last bit? "

---If the decision is made, pending time and circumstances, to create a Wildflowers Wiki, then Wildflowers will, indeed, live on in FANDOM Wiki ( This will be a dedicated wiki for the entire web comic, tentatively called 'Wildflowers Wikia', that will chronicle the entire story of Annie and her transition. As other transgender themed wiki's that I have created over time come to reasonable completion, then a Wildflowers Wiki will become more viable.
" Take some estro some time . . . . "

Yes, estro is the good stuff, the Holy Grail, the 'drop of golden sun', the Love Potion No. 9, the creme-la-crem, the go-to kick-butt girl drug !

" Shoot the juice to me, Bruce;
Put a gallon in me, Allen;
Slip the blood to me, Bud;
Pass the crimson to me, Jimson !

--from the song " Transfusion "
Previously, Annie's fate was held by a thread because of Harper. Now, it seems, Harper's fate is held by a thread because of what Annie may or may not do ! Payback is Hell !
I knew if I waited around long enough that I would get to see Harper get his well deserved comeuppance !
The game that is being tested---Is it a magical girl vs the bad guys in a Battle Royal, wherein the main character is an Anime Magical Girl ? Just curious, because that is what it looks like.
Shown rather than spoken---Someone really likes Pop Tarts !
" I've been told that legally you are allowed to drive on your own property without a license. Dunno where or if that is true. "

Fun Fact: In Ohio, at least, you are legally allowed to drive or operate a lawn mower or garden tractor not only on your own property, but on the public roads and highways, without a license.
" Also, dude carries around tuna sandwiches. "

Dude, tuna sandwiches are, like, the Holy Grail !
Why did Mr. Andrews put up barbed wire around his place, way out in the middle of nowhere ? Rouge cattle ? Rouge humans ?
Transgender Day of Remembrance, and Transgender Day of Awareness, are the only 'holidays' that I celebrate. The rest seem so hollow and pointless.
Sometimes, patient-doctor confidentiality is a good thing, too, especially when it comes to transgender concerns with teenagers, or anyone, really, and when those issues come to the forefront. It's sad and tragic that these protections are being stripped away from teenagers in school, by wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth politicians, and others, in favor of public, unauthorized disclosing, leading to forced so-called 'conversion' or 'reparative' therapy.
In panel 6, Annie is sending what was stored in the Iphone. But to just who is that information and recording going to . . . . ???
When Annie gets into situations like this one right now, something intangible kicks in, some kind of firepower in her mind, heart, and soul, and she becomes almost invincible. Like how Twilight Sparkle begins to become overwhelmed by her hidden power, and her unicorn horn begins to glow. Annie can be taken down, but never destroyed. She has shown this many times already, and although she can be physically hurt, she can not be defeated. But lets see what will happen this time . . . .