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Watching Cosplay and Cross-cosplay, wearing Gothic/Lolita fashion, watching ballet, reading shoujo manga, watching shoujo anime, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, attending anime conventions, creative TG fiction writing, drawing manga and comics in the Japanese style of anime, competitive adult ice skating, watching demolition derbys.
I would hope that it never comes to it, AnnaKrog, that you simply can not continue with Wildflowers for whatever reason, but if it does happen, then I will at that time consider 'picking up the torch' and continuing on with Wildflowers, as a Wildflowers Wiki. It is the least that I can do to pay back all of the drama and encouragement that I have received from Wildflowers !
" I did quit drawing them. "

" So will you post the rest and then make an epilogue or are you done for good and just posting the last bit? "

---If the decision is made, pending time and circumstances, to create a Wildflowers Wiki, then Wildflowers will, indeed, live on in FANDOM Wiki ( This will be a dedicated wiki for the entire web comic, tentatively called 'Wildflowers Wikia', that will chronicle the entire story of Annie and her transition. As other transgender themed wiki's that I have created over time come to reasonable completion, then a Wildflowers Wiki will become more viable.
" Take some estro some time . . . . "

Yes, estro is the good stuff, the Holy Grail, the 'drop of golden sun', the Love Potion No. 9, the creme-la-crem, the go-to kick-butt girl drug !

" Shoot the juice to me, Bruce;
Put a gallon in me, Allen;
Slip the blood to me, Bud;
Pass the crimson to me, Jimson !

--from the song " Transfusion "
Previously, Annie's fate was held by a thread because of Harper. Now, it seems, Harper's fate is held by a thread because of what Annie may or may not do ! Payback is Hell !
I knew if I waited around long enough that I would get to see Harper get his well deserved comeuppance !
The game that is being tested---Is it a magical girl vs the bad guys in a Battle Royal, wherein the main character is an Anime Magical Girl ? Just curious, because that is what it looks like.
Shown rather than spoken---Someone really likes Pop Tarts !
" I've been told that legally you are allowed to drive on your own property without a license. Dunno where or if that is true. "

Fun Fact: In Ohio, at least, you are legally allowed to drive or operate a lawn mower or garden tractor not only on your own property, but on the public roads and highways, without a license.
" Also, dude carries around tuna sandwiches. "

Dude, tuna sandwiches are, like, the Holy Grail !
Why did Mr. Andrews put up barbed wire around his place, way out in the middle of nowhere ? Rouge cattle ? Rouge humans ?
Transgender Day of Remembrance, and Transgender Day of Awareness, are the only 'holidays' that I celebrate. The rest seem so hollow and pointless.
Sometimes, patient-doctor confidentiality is a good thing, too, especially when it comes to transgender concerns with teenagers, or anyone, really, and when those issues come to the forefront. It's sad and tragic that these protections are being stripped away from teenagers in school, by wild-eyed, foaming at the mouth politicians, and others, in favor of public, unauthorized disclosing, leading to forced so-called 'conversion' or 'reparative' therapy.
In panel 6, Annie is sending what was stored in the Iphone. But to just who is that information and recording going to . . . . ???
When Annie gets into situations like this one right now, something intangible kicks in, some kind of firepower in her mind, heart, and soul, and she becomes almost invincible. Like how Twilight Sparkle begins to become overwhelmed by her hidden power, and her unicorn horn begins to glow. Annie can be taken down, but never destroyed. She has shown this many times already, and although she can be physically hurt, she can not be defeated. But lets see what will happen this time . . . .
I saw a cartoon one time where the Queen of the Nile was unscrewing a cap from a bottle of ASPirin. When the cap was removed, the cap uncoiled to become an asp. The Queen then directed the asp, or snake, to bite her on the neck, so as to commit suicide. Sounds like Bree is playing the role of the cap that becomes the asp !
" Annie! For the love of all that is good and pure in this world, call Andrea and tell her EVERYTHING! "

Andrea has her own world of troubles, that is why she dropped out of the story line, or then again, did she ?
If Bree is 'being nice', then her niceness bites like a serpent !
It all comes out in the wash, Oscar !
" I just can't keep doing it any more. Writing the previous chapter was so difficult that it made me be unable to pick up a pencil again. "

Does this mean that when the volume of comics already in the 'pipeline' is exhausted, then Wildflowers will come to an abrupt stop, wherever it is in the chapter or story line ? I am one of the "incredibly small audience" that does see merit in Wildflowers, wherever the story has taken Annie and her friends.

How much content is already in the pipeline ? A year ? Nine months ? Six months or less ? What can your fans, myself included, do to help ? Patreon ? A Go Fund Me ? Put Wildflowers on a cloud storage or a dedicated web platform so that select others can access the cloud and help with the production ? Anything at all ?
Sunday, January 31st ! I was wondering what would happen in Annie's world on my birthday !