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Ooooh boy, bio`s... I suck at these.

Well, hey! My name`s Arzu, my friends call me Zaazu so, I go by that as well. I`m 18, living in Canada, currently majoring in Criminology with hopes of becoming an International Criminal Lawyer. I`m a HUGE LOTR/The Hobbit fan, it's taking over my life and I seriously need help.

Like many SJer`s, I have a huge love for art and comics. I`ve been on this site before and participated in many collabs (under the username Zaazumafoo) but I think it`s time to put some serious ideas I`ve had in mind on paper now.

So yeah, that`s that.

I haz a Tumblr btdubz.

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    Arzu R. Ridhawi
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Oh god, the art and colouring and just ksjanlkfjhask everything about this page is perfect. Amazing job!
oh my god I just noticed the "swag" written under the horse LOL. daw poor reiiignn.
I literally shouted "YESSS!" when I saw you updated! Ahhh I wonder what's gonna happen next D: Le prince seems kinda screwed atm