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Hikari Yuki
Deleted comics. If you even remember their titles and see them under a new name, it's my great return!
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Is more of this comic coming, or will I have to bean you to death with something...? Something like socks...or...or...

For Halloween...
...I was the weird bunneh who kept walking too slow and calling you 'mummy' and meowing...and I freaked out at the haunted house [because it was scary...]...hahaha! I bet you can't guess who I am NOW! [FAIL!]

Neh...anywhats, thanks for not being insulted by my oddness...marrrharrrr! .^___^.

Whoa...chief is just maxing and relaxing, letting everything just hang free and wild...neh. O___O

[Hahahah! Every comic should take a breather and let the characters bare their truest selves. O___O]

Bad puns rule the world.
Wow...I like the feel of this...and your art, there's something so adorable about it! [I hope you don't find that insulting.] I really like this page and the cute animalthingamees. *Favs*
Hahaha! It's been a while since I've read this, I'm glad I came back for a visit. This whole thing is just too brilliant! Your sense of humor produces some of the most AMAZING results I've ever seen! Sheesh!


[This page is insult the quality, but this is really phenomenal work! Honestly, are we looking at the same thing here? Is your computer screen broken? I know the 'next' button is...]
Hahahah! I was having an okay day, now I'm like stupidly happy. Hahaha! You're comics are like uppers or something! [Let's all get addicted...]

Hurrr...Snuffy the Panda and I would get along well. Preventing landslides, while looking like a serial killer, is my number-one mission in life! [That and taming moose while wearing a hoop skirt and six inch platforms.]

Superhero business adventures aside, was Sanders drawing Jock!!!?? [Because the world needsta' know!]

P.S. Is Snuffy free for a date this Saturday?
I just say Rick licks him and get it over with! Hahaha...If Danny gets freaked out about it he could always say he had been thinking about becoming a cannibal, but wasn't so sure it would work out after all. [Because that's totally believable!]

I mean, otherwise, the poor guy is going to wind up molesting him anyway. Glasses or not. And a scarf would just make things complicated for poor Danny...[Rick could totally use it to tie him up.]


Q, m'dear, I always get hurt because I'm a klutz. I'm not even kidding. I fell up the stairs the other day and really badly banged up my knee. It left a bruise and even swelled for a bit. And it still hurts a bit if I kneel on it. X____X On the plus side, with my history of injuries, it could have been WAAAAY worse. [Like I could have fallen backward and broken my neck. Hahahah! Now that would have sucked.l ^___^ I'm too happy about this...]


[Why am I telling you how epic fail I really am?]

But yes...that WOULD be why her hair was such fun for you to color! !___! You were embalming it with delicious juices!
Whoa. That's the shortest comment I've ever left on here?!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT!


And this comment is just delicious spam to make up for such a heinous act! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

And then something deadly comes flying out of the abyss and splits my noggin open....
She creeps me out, a bit. [Maybe I just am being biased?] Hahahah! Her hair looks edible though.

Hahaha...Andy is just so brilliant. He can pull guns out of nowhere, and seems to be somewhat trigger happy. [My kind of man!] ^___^
I've decided. I want to marry Andy. Also...did he just throw a gun at him? And pull another one on him? Like in one fluid motion? How friggin' fast is this guy? [Jack is brilliant, though, his expression is priceless!]
I have been getting more grays, and have figured out a way to make furry trousers really popular for old peoples. I've even refined my plan for world domination, but clearly I am not a good comic artist, as I suck at updating. I have given up on rocking hard in the celestial world of art...I'll just rock quietly as my art slowly turns into something slightly above disgusting and eye-damaging.


How are you?



JUST FOR ME!??!?!?!?


Of course a cape of DVDs makes sense...all the best superheros are wearing them. They're good at refracting lights and bludgeoning enemies!
Oh, all comic artists are weirdos with too much time on their hands, luff, so it's okies. [Oh, now don't everyone start getting out the pitch forks and 'Psycho Mob' schematics, you know it's true.]

Normal people don't draw people and things that don't exist. They just don't. They go work at reasonable jobs that suck the life out of them and carry on with lives they loath. ^___^

I'm glad my insanity doesn't have you screaming for the hills. Mostly because the hills aren't going to get up and save you. They're avid fans of the Fluffy Bunny Show.

[We all are.]
Hahahah! Jock is so misguided, if only he'd focus on his work, then maybe he'd be even half as brilliant and poetically expressive as Sanders...Hahahah! [getsaxed]

Seriously though, where do you get these ideas and then manage to pull them off so perfectly that, regardless of how random, they are brilliant in execution!?

[You must have secret powers, it's the only way that anyone could make a scanner that kidnaps two luckless tax collectors work. That or you're a genius mastermind...]
I nearly fell out of my chair on this page! Gahdz!!!! I love your works. They're so beautifully refreshing.

My face hurts...[Hurrr...]
Oh meh gahdz...*keels over*

It has been ages! And then I take a lovely trip through this brilliant wonderful land of EPIC and it ends like this?! Where's the rest? I need more! I MUST have more!!!! >___< [This comic is my drug and I'm hooked for life...]

Phillip needs to stop cringing for two hot seconds and SAY something...hurrr...Johnny's moment of irrationality was adorable, I love how he flubs around a bit afterword.

Hahaha, when you become a masterful cartoonist you must remember to turn this into a series! [I will buy every DVD ever to be sold! !___! I'll become blissfully poor, of course, but I'll fashion the disks into a retro cape and take over the world with it!]
I love the development. I don't care for Kaeda at all, I really hope Takehiro lets her go...>___<

This page is so beautiful and touching, the way he pulls her in, it's like a drama. Hahaha...I'm definitely hooked to this. O___O
Accck! It really took me forever to get back here...>___< Sorry! Thank you so much! That really helps, I think I'll be able to utilize that technique. I just downloaded a free trial of SAI, so maybe I'll try doing it on there...although the program feels a bit awkward to me. I hope I can get used to it before it clocks out. >___<
Loving the character development. I'm a little thrown off, though, by Takehiro's hair color change, but I love how it looks. Your art is very lovely. I love the way you draw chibi. ^___^