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Hikari Yuki
Top 10 Crucial Things To Know About Me:

1) I suck at updating.
2) I've a million projects I take on and then spend FOREVER attempting to complete.
3) I can't draw guys to save my life so they all tend to look like girls in pants.
4) I'm a hardcore procrastinator.
5) I don't ever use my real name on the net's where people can see...not because I want to be protected, simply because I couldn't stand the notion of hundreds of people mispronouncing it. [Even in their heads.]
6) My foot didn't pop on my first kiss, [plus, I couldn't figure out what to do with my hands so I just stood there like a fish...That is, if they had legs and hair.]
7) I'm not cool AND I'm socially challenged.
8) I don't know my blood type.
9) My favorite color/colors is/are determined by my mood.
10) I have really sad hopes to live in Japan married to a Sex God of a man, while raising our pet mongoose. [Because dogs and cats are so overrated.]


[Props to Jesus for the good artwork, because, had it been left up to me, you'd have gotten nothing but stick figures, really crap dialogue, and a bloody mess of a storyline.]
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    Happy Bananas
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Send Message it's not a yuri, and I'm probably going to take all this down...It's been ages since I've been here, but it is so nostalgic so I can't quite yet part with the past me and her crap ability to draw guys. >___<
Is more of this comic coming, or will I have to bean you to death with something...? Something like socks...or...or...

For Halloween...
...I was the weird bunneh who kept walking too slow and calling you 'mummy' and meowing...and I freaked out at the haunted house [because it was scary...]...hahaha! I bet you can't guess who I am NOW! [FAIL!]

Neh...anywhats, thanks for not being insulted by my oddness...marrrharrrr! .^___^.

Whoa...chief is just maxing and relaxing, letting everything just hang free and wild...neh. O___O

[Hahahah! Every comic should take a breather and let the characters bare their truest selves. O___O]

Bad puns rule the world.
Wow...I like the feel of this...and your art, there's something so adorable about it! [I hope you don't find that insulting.] I really like this page and the cute animalthingamees. *Favs*
Ugleh Drama and Getting Axed
Waaaah, I've been drawing Mana really ugleh, so a nice full-shot of her should make up for that, neh? AND OH MEH GAHDZ!! I'm actually updating sooner than the normal three to four months! [BAHAHAHA! I know right!!!]


And what's this, unnecessary drama? I figured stretching this scene out into multiple pages would be too boring. So I figured abrupt would be best.

JA NE!!! ^__^
Khoe and Angel look so ugleh in that top pannel, neh? ^____^

Stuff's been nuts 'round dad walked out on us, I'm trying to get college stuff squared away, and there's daily living to worry about. It's a bit stressful. I was able to do this page in a day, though, so there is that. ^___^
The Deuce?
Okeh...some pages I deleted, if you hadn't noticed. I'm really cleaning up this site and trying to make the overall flow go smoother. I'm going to try to refrain from updating with stuff that doesn't relate to the story or the characters, as well. [Hikari is attempting to be cool and sophisticated. >___<]

All this is because, I've been tweaking the storyline, writing up character profiles for future appearances, and overall, organizing my stuff. This means [DRUM ROLL!] I'll be doing more updating. I may even develop a fixed schedule for updates, in the feature. [God willing.]

A lot of changes have been going on at sister just turned five, my father is leaving for a month, and some other personal bits I'm not willing to share, here. The point is, Hikari is on a roll. Sorry it has taken me so long mates. >___< You deserve better than this, and, luckily, I'm getting my act together.
Hahaha! It's been a while since I've read this, I'm glad I came back for a visit. This whole thing is just too brilliant! Your sense of humor produces some of the most AMAZING results I've ever seen! Sheesh!


[This page is insult the quality, but this is really phenomenal work! Honestly, are we looking at the same thing here? Is your computer screen broken? I know the 'next' button is...]
xhahakristinax: Thank you! I really appreciate it. ^___^

BakaMonMon: This comic will, likely, be full of a lot of that.

TacoTotes: Aaaw! *HUGS* Thank you!
Hahahah! I was having an okay day, now I'm like stupidly happy. Hahaha! You're comics are like uppers or something! [Let's all get addicted...]

Hurrr...Snuffy the Panda and I would get along well. Preventing landslides, while looking like a serial killer, is my number-one mission in life! [That and taming moose while wearing a hoop skirt and six inch platforms.]

Superhero business adventures aside, was Sanders drawing Jock!!!?? [Because the world needsta' know!]

P.S. Is Snuffy free for a date this Saturday?
Qwchestr: I'm sooo sorry! >___< I hope other people don't have that problem! O___O Thank you so much! Hahahah!

[I adore yew!]
Page 7 Response:
AppleRush: Thank you! And here I thought it was complete [FAIL!] ^___^
Angel and Mana, say what?!
[..looks like she's going to rape him...and he doesn't seem to care. >___<]

Er..Just a sketch...haven't updated so I wanted to give you guys something colorful to look at. ^__^ I'm working on my art, I've improved greatly. [This crap sketch says otherwise]. I'm hoping this means that the pages I've been battling with for G-N-G will finally take their proper shape. Otherwise...[FAIL!]

Gonna' go sleep now...been looking over HTML tutorials...hurrrr...~___~ ZzzzZzzz.
I just say Rick licks him and get it over with! Hahaha...If Danny gets freaked out about it he could always say he had been thinking about becoming a cannibal, but wasn't so sure it would work out after all. [Because that's totally believable!]

I mean, otherwise, the poor guy is going to wind up molesting him anyway. Glasses or not. And a scarf would just make things complicated for poor Danny...[Rick could totally use it to tie him up.]


Q, m'dear, I always get hurt because I'm a klutz. I'm not even kidding. I fell up the stairs the other day and really badly banged up my knee. It left a bruise and even swelled for a bit. And it still hurts a bit if I kneel on it. X____X On the plus side, with my history of injuries, it could have been WAAAAY worse. [Like I could have fallen backward and broken my neck. Hahahah! Now that would have sucked.l ^___^ I'm too happy about this...]


[Why am I telling you how epic fail I really am?]

But yes...that WOULD be why her hair was such fun for you to color! !___! You were embalming it with delicious juices!
Whoa. That's the shortest comment I've ever left on here?!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT!


And this comment is just delicious spam to make up for such a heinous act! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

And then something deadly comes flying out of the abyss and splits my noggin open....
She creeps me out, a bit. [Maybe I just am being biased?] Hahahah! Her hair looks edible though.

The school is totally a screen tone...I don't remember where I got it, I couldn't be arsed to draw one. >___< Sorry.

Hahaha...Andy is just so brilliant. He can pull guns out of nowhere, and seems to be somewhat trigger happy. [My kind of man!] ^___^