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No, I'm not interesting at all. Sorry.

Might start a comic soon if I can be assed.
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I never really understood why Dr. Mario wasn't just an alternate costume either. I mean Link and Toon Link I get; They're two different scales so make them two different characters. But Dr. Mario has always just been Mario dressed as a doctor. Come'on the freaking Animal Crossing Villager gets cosmetically four different characters as it's alternate costumes, Little Mac is getting a wireframe, and Wii Fit Trainer has two genders to choose from. So why not have Dr. Mario just be Mario?

It'd be like if Zero Suit Samus and Booty-shorts Samus were two separate characters, with only two slightly different moves in their entire movesets to set them apart.
@Randalf Rhino: NO!

I can't believe what I see!
Great, now I have to spend the rest of the day listening to the "Eddy, Let Me Go Back to my Home" song. And I had JUST kicked my addiction to it.

Thanks a lot, you enabler.
September 12th, 2014
Two of my favorite SJ comics updated, Gurren Lagann has been added back to Netflix, and I just got a demo for 3DS Smash Bros. This is officially the best day I've had this entire month.
September 10th, 2014
Yeah thats what I was guessing. But fat and human anatomy don't work like that. It could just be the angle here, but it looks like only her lower body is overweight, while her upper body is thin. And most people with bodies like that have some kind of severe medical condition. While people who are merely overweight typically look obese evenly around their entire body (arms, legs, thighs, neck, gut, ect). Or if they are just mildly overweight their gut and thighs would be the only fat part of their body.

I'm not insulting your artwork or character design, just saying it looks a bit awkward and unnatural. I feel like you were going for the latter (only mildly overweight) but it ended up looking this way.
September 9th, 2014
I think what Advertisement is trying to ask is; Why is her lower body so much wider then her upper body?
I didn't notice this from the prologue that background from one of the Metal Slug games?

Also I really hate what this template does with text. Why does it always have to go towards the center? Who thought that was a good idea? It's disorienting and can make it hard to tell where the sentence begins and ends.
im not s33ing any tree effext shaped leik ledder dees

y u b lyin to me adddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I started replaying the original Donkey Kong Country and I noticed something. It was released in 1994, the same year I was born! It's like I was destined to like this franchise.
I don't wanna try to tell you how to do your thing here, but now that you've used the phrase "banana-slamma", I am going to be very disappointed if the line "I got to give it the ol' banana try" (from the song "Gotta get it back! Gotta take it back!") doesn't show up in this comic at some point.
@SuperScratchkat: I-is anyone else seeing that corrupted text in his comment or is my PC just messing up on me? 0_o
I find that the random encounters are more bearable in Pokemon then in most other JRPGs because they only appear in very specific places. Like tall grass, caves, the ocean, ect. So you know where you are 100% safe and where you are in danger, making planning and preparing for the battles much easier. Makes the game feel less cheap.
I just noticed one of the few annoyances I have with this comic; Samus' arm cannon changes arms depending on which way she is facing. I'm not too annoyed though, it's like that with all Metroid sprite comics (and even most of the actual Metroid games). I just didn't realize it until now.
You're gonna run out of alliteration one of these days. Then you're gonna regret this theme naming.
@1ce_k1d: Actually, Jumpman and Mario are the same exact character. He was called "Jumpman" before a real name was decided.

His debut with the name "Mario" was in Donkey Kong Junior.
I can't believe it took me this long, but I just now noticed that the panels are rounded. I like that.
@Advertisement: I actually kinda like to read EVERY fictional male character's dialog with DK's voice. :3

Except when I feel like imagining they sound like Keith David.
Since none of the Donkey Kong games have extensive voice acting, it's kinda impossible for me to not imagine the characters speaking with the DKC Cartoon voices when I read the dialog.
@Matt the Fox: About the tails. You know those little triangles at the end of speech bubbles that point towards the character to show who is speaking? Thats what she's talking about. Those are speech bubble tails.

The "tails" you have on your speech bubbles aren't even tails, actually. They're just lines. You should make them little triangles so they look better. Heres an example of a proper speech bubble: ge.png

This can easily be done even in MS Paint. Like I said, they're just little triangles that point towards whoever is speaking. Instead of just one line, draw another line going towards the bubble to make a triangle. Then fill in the triangle with white.
So I learned something interesting. In some games, it's hinted that Cranky is the original Donkey Kong from the arcade games. In Donkey Kong 64, Cranky calls Donkey Kong his son. That would mean that the Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong Country is actually Donkey Kong Jr. all grown up!

Of course, the games are inconsistent on whether Cranky is Donkey's father or grandfather.