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How to stop a fight?
Well it seems that they have found a fight. Just how will they stop, whoever is fighting?
Being lead
Well it seems that the white girl is leading them. Just where will she take Yuri next? There are probably a lot of dreams out there.
For her friends
Well it seems that Yuri found out how to wake Karen up. Just what will these three do to get to Skye? Will there be a way to wake her?

Sorry for missing the last couple updates. My internet has been acting up and I have been busy trying to find a job.
That was easy
Well it seems that waking up Karen is really easy, once you know how. The only question is, will she believe Yuri when she explains what is going on?
What now?
Well, it seems that Karen doesn't want to wake up. Just what can Yuri do to wake her up. I wonder if there is a bucket of cold water.
How to wake her up...
Well it seems that Karen is not asleep but is still in her dream. Just how can Yuri snap her out of the dream?
Her dream?
Well this seems like a very calm dream. Just what could be going on in the dream.
Easy to wake up?
Well, here is why Yuri was the first choice. Apparently the others are just to difficult to wake up. So is Yuri a light sleeper or are the others just really deep sleepers?
What is going on?
It seems that the two of them are no longer in a dream, but floating between dreams. Just how will they save their friends?
It seems that something odd is happening. Just what did she mean by dream? Can she be trusted?
She remembered
Well it does seem something strange is going on. How can Yuri not remember getting to their current location, but remember Skye's feelings?
How she got there
Well this seems to be getting weird. Just what could be going on. Have these two met before?
A familiar character?
It seems that Yuri has a visitor. A visitor that has a familiar look. Just what is she there to say?
wait, what?
Well this is a little strange. Wasn't Skye fighting fuko just know? What happened to the fight? Just what is going on...
Well something seems different. Just what happened in these few panels? Hopefully it isn't anything too dangerous.
How will this end?
Well, this all seems normal. I mean it is just a fight between Fuko and Skye. It was always bound to happen. Although...There does seem to be What could it be?

Thank you all for reading my comic. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. ^.^
Skye is fighting...?
Well it seems that Skye's opponent was finally seen. This will be one interesting fight. It looks like Skye's opponent is...Fuko!?
Just what is Skye talking about? What is she planing on doing on this day? I hope it all works out in the ends.
Well here is the start to the, possibly, last chapter for this comic. Sadly I have just run out of ideas for this comic. I have more ideas for comics, but I don't know if I will be posting them on here or not.
@cass: Maybe too direct?