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Glasses and mid thigh length auburn hair. Avid reader and gamer. I'm generally fairly easy going, and love to talk to people.
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I'll just leave this here
At least there don't seem to be any hard feeling. Yet, anyways.
Are you folks still getting up in arms about Rick? Seriously? Just sit back and enjoy the ride?
This conversation had to happen sooner or later. I'm glad it happened now, before things went any further between Sam and Lauren. And as happy as it makes me that they're having this conversation, it means we have to wait until at least next week before we can find out what Sam did for his art gallery.
Hair style
Yep. Sure does look like Laurens hair.
Real People
As several people have pointed out, I keep coming back everyday to see how the story will unfold. These are real people in a world created by Mr. Twist. They have their flaws, some of them great and some of them small. But it makes them all the more real for having them.
This has to be my favorite comic that I read. I hop on here as soon as I get on my computer each day to see what has happened and how things are going to play out, because Mr. Twist writes a story that is worth doing so. I also curse the weekends because we won't know what happens until Monday.
I've noticed all too many people judge the characters based on what they would do, or what they think the character should do from the outside looking in. I try and keep in mind that these are early 20's college students that are still trying to get a handle on life. How often do you look at people in that age group and think, "Heh, kids."?

But the tl;dr version is that the story is awesome, the characters are real people, with real flaws and personalities, and Mr. Twist is awesome for spinning a tale to entertain us. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Twist. KKCO
I honestly hadn't given much thought to the fact that she slapped him. I've mostly just been reading the story and wondering what will happen next. Now that I've been reading the comments and thought about it, though. I can agree that hitting a loved one is never acceptable, regardless of the situation at hand. I will now go back to my happy world of just enjoying the comic as it comes out and just wait and see what happens.
Past tense
You can speak in past tense and still be speaking in present tense. It's all about how you phrase it. In this case we'll just have to see where the conversation goes.