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My name is Priscilla.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm an 18 year old female living in Oregon. Single. I'm the weird artsy type. Planning to attend Portland State University and study graphic design. I doodle everywhere and take pictures of everything. I'm often easily amused and am a bit naive. I love food, but my cooking skill is less than desired. I'm into that Japaneseanimemangacosplay stuff. Music makes my world function. :D
Playing: Phoenix Wright for NDS
Obsessed!Listening: "Hide and Seek" Imogen Heap
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uwaa, thanks everyone! :)
I didn't think anyone would still read it...

kimusensei: haha, I'm sitting L style as we speak. :D
I haven't updated this in a long time.

For some reason I felt strangely compelled to draw the next page now...
The artwork looks really solid and clean. :) His outfit is very cute!
brief flashback! lol.

I was having trouble with this page. D:

Thank you for all your comments and support. It makes me incredibly happy. ♥
hontou da?
Hahaha, as if no one knew that was coming. ;D Right?
I think the sepia tone looks nice. :)

I'm wondering about the teacher too! ah, suspense ~
Thank you ♥

Haha, I just noticed I already had Florence say "Here it is" on the last page...D'oh...
I'm terribly sorry for not updating. >x<

I've been busy...summer classes, vacations, and visits to the hospital.

I have to catch up on some webcomics too! :o

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. &#9829;
Slightly aroused...I wonder how that looks like. :D and I think the coloring looks wonderful. :)
Suspense! :)
and the coloring is magnificent. :D
Don't walk, RUN!
I apologize for not updating sooner...>x<

I've been extremely busy with studies, especially during the last days of school. Lots of finals to study for and whatnot.

Drew this during math when I was supposed to be studying...>__> shh!

I'm bad at drawing buildings etc, please excuse that...:P
lol. Alright then. :) This was just a doodle on my chemistry worksheet.

I'll try and update the actual comic soon. ^__^&#9829;
Filler! Already? Yes sir. :P

Been busy with studies lately. :/

I'm not sure if this should be a character yet. Hmmm.

Hope you guys are doing well. :)
Enter Florence
I almost didn't feel like drawing a page today - I could've introduced Florence better, but oh well.

By the way, characters page is up. :)
Poor navigator
•__•;; Please excuse my poor paneling. It seems like I'm too lazy to use a ruler...

Character section will be up soon!
Maybe later today, once I finish up their descriptions. :)
This is indeed a BL story. :)

and thanks everyone! *^___^*
The Running Strawberry Bakery!
Reads from L to R.

in the second panel, Page is thinking "big brother!". :) haha, in case you were going to point out that he can't speak. ;D
I also didn't think about Page having a brother until this morning...when I drew it... XD

I made an "about me" section - please feel free to ask me questions about my comic, or anything in general. (they can be included in comments)

Thank you loves! &#9829;
in love with this comic. :) &#9829;
your art's gorgeous!
Thanks everyone (for your comments and suggestions)! &#9829;

I downloaded both indie star and tintin talking, and they're both really cute! I'll use them in the future for sure. :)