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A 24-year-old comic artist located in Sweden.

It is a rare sight to see her do anything other than drawing.

She is said to come out of her room if you offer her food that is to her liking.

Also waving a Zelda-game in front of her face might work.
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@NellyOnly: The world may never know...
@The Orange Cow: It'll lead to the biggest plot twist in the end, I swear.
@redleaveshavefallen: I'm totally making it canon that he only listens to popular boy bands, like; Take That, N*Sync, Aaron Carter and the greatest musician ever; Justin Bieber. Totally true! ;)
@The Orange Cow: Oh, yes!
This helpful person do look quite nice, doesn't s/he?
@Milanopiano: I'm glad you like it! We're on the same level of dude ;D
@The Orange Cow: Would YOU let them take care of you at their hospital?
I'm sure that I wouldn't ;)
@redleaveshavefallen: oh, that's awesome! Chapter 2's soon here ;D
@The Orange Cow: I think it could either way ;)
@StupidLaugh: Wouldn't it look odd if he didn't? :o
@Shalmons: Thank you! It's always nice to get feedback! ;D
@The Orange Cow: I guess he's somewhere close, counting his tabs?
@The Orange Cow: Aaand there he did it
@StupidLaugh: I know, right? I almost wish I had the same kind. :D