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I do the story for Zelda: The Unabridged Legend, and am Partners with, umm, I like a lot of things, sports, airsoft, games of course, and writing. Huge writer.
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Gibson's right.

By the way, thanks for the girl Hank.
Why is he using a glass?
I always drink straight from the douche.
Wait, Patrick's gay?
18 18 18 18 hours to go
I wanna be sedated...
I think we're about to see a different side of Sam...I don't recall him being this direct at all before, nor have we seen hinm disagree with Lauren...hmm...
The Baby PoY is now my wallpaper.

Also, as for the Qur'ran burning...some idiot did it anyway.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the scratches were from Melanie.
That bastard Devon
He must have ripped it right out of her fucking arm. What a twat.
It's true.
It is really much easier to play with a man's age than a woman's...Also, though I find Philip Seymour Hoffman to be an astounding actor, part of me would really like to see Sean Connery as Lipton. I'm not even entirely sure why, it just seems entertaining in my head.

Pictures of You could definitely have that impact...the question is, what sort of series? It really depends on which side of the story you want to emphasize more...I could see it done in early 90's sitcom fashion, primarily a comedy but with the ability to bring up and nail serious issues (Boy Meets World or Fresh Prince), and I really think it'd be cool to see another sitcom in that style pop up as opposed to what we have today. It'd kind of harken back to the time PoY is set in, as well. Could just be my fanboyish, wishful thinking, though.

There's always the more professional, dramatic route too, of course, I don't even really need to describe it. Modern television, really.
Yeah, the problems I saw with a stage version was that it would have to be done in several installments in order to actually encompass the story. Whether it's one per book or one per year. I was thinking of trying a web series, but by the time we were out of college and not seeing each other regularly again, PoY still wouldn't be finished so we wouldn't be able to do the whole story...but yeah, I think this could work very well in another form, the story is definitely there.
Damn it.
I was considering trying to put together a group to act out the first book or two of Pictures of You once I was at the Acting Conservatory in a few it wouldn't seem so out of the blue ;_;
I can see the motivation behind every character on this page...this is very well thought out, the reactions make sense, the choices are clear and powerful...I've actually used your comic to help with my acting somewhat, though that may sound weird...

On another note, I'm getting my own laptop soon for college. Did anyone save that wallpaper from a few days back? I wanted it pretty bad, but this isn't my computer, so...blargh.
I'll say it again. That is the best road ever. I don't even know why I find that strip of thoroughfare so intriguing, but something about the way you draw it revives precious childhood memories or something Freudian, but I don't want to know how I would connect that road to sexual urges in my mind's eye. I supposed it gets used, there are both one-way and two-way roads...and rocky roads. I never really understood why they called rocky road ice cream rocky road ice cream. I get that it has nuts and such, but I never got a very road-like feel out of it. Nor do I really know of a road that is rocky. They usually block those things off and fix them after a roadslide. It'd be kinda fun to drive through one actually. Like flying the Millenium Falcon through an asteroid belt.

<3 roads <3
That road
Look at that road. That is an awesome road.
Oh god you mentioned lukewarm reactions that means you actually read that and possibly got offended I'm sorry seriously I wish you guys well agh accept my run on sentence as an apology
Well then.
As you have an abundance of congratulations and I don't want to add to the surplus, and I am not cruel-hearted enough to wish you bad luck, would you kindly accept a lukewarm, not-quite-indifference?
Art style
I think, Ryan, the art style has changed, most noticeably in this book. I think it may have to do with him making them originally in color, so he uses a style that fits better with it. That's just me though, and I really don't know a lot about art.
Peter would win because he's the main character.
I was joking, though I probably could have looked it over and worked on the structure. Blah.

And it's Michelle. There's no way it isn't. It wouldn't be fair.