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Comic Illustrator who spends too many late nights awake and doing random stuff. Comics is one of them.
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i dont know what i expected
"I bet it's up THEM with our luck" or up THERE?
Ask not for whom the bell tolls...
A month and a week? *checks clock* That's an academy record.

OK, for starters, explanation for such a long gap. Really stupid though. I LOST MY TABLET PEN. And it was missing for QUITE awhile. I looked and flipped everything it could've possibly been under, until I remembered one day I was using it on my bed, so I moved the mattress alittle and whaddya know, it falls out. It somehow got wedged there. Yeah, I suck.

I might be visiting the actual Kraftzone server more often, seeing as how this is getting some popularity with them...
@StygianKnight: Far from it. We just recently had a long gap because of a certain "crisis" we had in production. More details later.
@StygianKnight: Ok, awesome. Thx for the update! Expect new page soon!
ZOMGASDF thank youuuuu! :D
Hey look.
It's that one guy, you know...the guy that we saw, like, back when we weren't using photoshop to draw.

Anyways, excluding Silver_Arrow, Daniel, and mysterious cloak guy, there are 3 players in this page that are real people. Care to take a guess as to who???

Also... <img src=" -d7ja0h1.jpg" alt="reaction"/>
21 days without an update? *checks clock* That's an academy record.

Anyways, I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates the past few weeks. I was trying really hard to finish all my work as a senior and graduate from homeschool. It was just a huge bother to me and I couldn't say this comic was more important than that. BUT. Now that I'm done, the PROGRESS TRAIN CAN HAVE FULL STEAM AHEAD! And so, we return to your regularly broadcasted webcomic! Full time now! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Also, a welcome to our new storyboard & illustration assistant/advertising manager Cris.prov2711!
@Charlotte057: Find out next week huehuehue
Ah, a pool of whirl. Fantastic.
You forgot this comic has action sequences, didn't you? Huh? You didn't?? Well, that's good. considering we haven't had one since the FIRST PAGES of this comic.

Anyways, a new chesspiece has been put on our plot board. What will become of it?
Stages of 'Get off the computer'
1. Verbal "Hey"
2. Stare
3. Nudge/Poke
4. Grab
5. If all steps fail, Spray bottle
And now, we move on to something without Blu and IDK once more...I kinda like what's planned next.
@StygianKnight: You could NOT have picked a better role. Our story calls for characters of all kinds, and you picked one that we needed SPOT ON.
@Mango Dolphin: Same thing I asked StygianKnight
@StygianKnight: Is this player Good, Bad, or neutral? And can you provide a description or reference to the skin? If you don't want to answer, a role and look will be assigned by us :3

Ok, sorry, but both renz and I had that same thought due to the last panel. Anyways, we've got alot of usernames to fill in for players in this comic. If you want to be one, shoot us a message! Until next time folks...
*slow clap* GG Gigi, GG
I don't know what to believe. too many comment suspicions 0-o