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Wassup Smackjeeves I love Sprite comics as much as Sonic games!!! Yayaaaaa!!!

No longer comment just reads comics from time to time (I was a stupid lil troll kid)
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Hey unban me from Kc chronicles
Wow this is pretty decent!
Yknow i suddanly dont hate you... just say sorry and never make fun if Snake so weare good ok
@kcspice: yeah i saw it u did good, but why do i have to comment on every update
wotta asshole!
This makes me wary of tails in The hedgehog!
About time great ass page man!
@gogareen: Good to know
looks gay
@JermhyTheHedgehog: You gotta admit the effect was pretty cool and if he tried that than he would have been ambushed like Mawio876 said... giving it a one star rating was uncalled for
Shrina... you poor thing
I demand an update
Hey Um Mordikai sorry for being mean I don't wanna look like this Mamapizza guy so I'll back off... But I'll still read you're comic :)
Pretty shitty if you ask me could use some work