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chocolates, acnl & pokemon are nice

easiest way to contact me is through my art blog
@FourStringFingerSting: im really glad you like it u-u im so sorry i cant draw birds omg ahaha i read through your comic, and i definitely enjoyed it <3 keep up the good work! c:
ooh~ thank you so much!! uwu he looks really nice in your style <3
<3 <3 <3 all my luvesss :D
> Go to wherever that ninja was pointing for a maneki neko
I lurv the Beatles ; u; And Queen.

And omygod. Thank you for the dancing Seth <3
> Ask the kind if he has a maneki neko in his treasure storage
> Jump into your work clothes screaming "Hot diggity dog!" with a :D face
> After the interview, make sure to go to Starbucks for coffee - you deserve it.
> Do something smart
> Say something romantic and stop midway

> Start dancing some ball dance because they started playing the song
> After a nice date, ask taxi to PLEASE get his wallet so he can pay for the tab and get that maneki-neko he has at home. Then go to Starbucks.
>Do an action that will please the Gods in general. Then do something that will allow the story to progress positively.
> If the Bacon Gods returned your powers, Send them a flying kiss. If not, still do so to aggravate them.
> Request the Bacon Gods to PLEASE talk to the Pie Gods to PLEASE give you Pie powers. That it will help you in your journey as a s-pie, I mean, spy.
>Suddenly stop in the middle of your track to cry about your bacon hula hoop and change into a female hula costume, then continue on with your story.
summon a bacon hula hoop and do the hula with it while continuing what you were doing/supposed to be doing
>Get fed up with all the annoying things in the world including how your friends are not doing as you request and how they are being sensible.
@rolycul :: Oh, okie :3 thanks for replying ^^ Ill just wait for hopefully an answer :) Thank you! Hopefully, Ill be able to join this with Miro Cero - A unicorn~