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I like all kinds of art, visual, musical, literal, anything. I am currently a Devry student majoring in web and graphic design.
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I just ugly laughed so hard, my brother turned around with a very concerned expression.
That is usually how that goes...

I just build my desks from scratch now because of it.
Hmm... OKAY!
So, normally I really dislike these type of comics whether its bl or gl, I just find them distasteful. However, this comic is really good. Its funny, drawn well enough, a bit serious, and it is fun to read in general. Good Job
June 15th, 2013
Well, you got my attention here... This comic looks very promising. Good luck, though I doubt you will need it.
Great Horses
I think your horses look great (as well as the rest of everything else). I think the main issue though is that that particular style of drawing horses doesn't quite fit with the rest of the comic. Otherwise looking good keep it up :D