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@CarnageRulez312: So you have already decided on the entire roster by now or are you still picking choosing on who's gonna participate?
Johnny Cage VS Dan Hibiki

It's all about who can be the best loser out of the two of them.
I'd love to see DIO and his stand The World (from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part III Stardust Crusaders) take part in it.
And here I was thinking that the next chapter would start and I could begin making my intro...Anyway, that's a good laugh!
It looks neat, but for some reason he looks like a Megazord from Power Rangers to me.
Is the Insect Core already defined, if not, I'd like to apply for it!
Megaman using WoodShield against (Shi)Ryu...the irony in this page is so good! I am loving the last pages you've been making, also the old ones!
Why didn't I see it before?!
COSMO MAN! Oh god this is awesome, I was expecting something related to water or sword, but I never expected the energy of the Saints, the Cosmo, to be the hint towards his NetNavi.
@Sagat the Tiger: I know, it's just that since Megaman and Street Fighter are both from Capcom, the reference'd be better. I think that even the word "ryu" itself means dragon, correct me if I'm wrong.
Saint Seiya AND Street Fighter reference...THAT'S SO COOL!
Oh yeah baby, it's Rozan Sho Ryu Ha time!
And this time he isn't BLIND!
@GhostmanSP: I bet that his NetNavi'd be SwordMan.EXE, since he got the Excalibur Attack from the Capricorn Gold Saint Shura.
@Pharaoh Man: At least you didn't "borrow" Shun...Does anyone get the reference?
Saint Seiya mixed with Megaman Battle Network, my life is finally complete...I hope!