Yeah, I'mma pretty antisocial guy of little words( Well except when I'm ranting about some pointless crap)
Still, I'm quite friendly, though I lack in confidence and other stuff. Hobbies would be playing games, making comics, playing football(a little) and listening to music.
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Hah, that disguise.
That monster with the amazing backflip and superb form upon entry. A thing of beauty folks~

Good stuff man!
Yeah nice one man heh.
Aww, poor thing heheh.

Good stuff!
@Smiffy SMF <3: Of course! Just read the whole thing, and y'all got a good thing going on here. I love it!

Got this locked in my favs! =3
Hi guys! =3

Yeah, just thought I'd pop back from my unannounced leave and see what I've been missing over the past few months( Obviously not much).

Well as much as it may pain me to say it, this comic's probably better off staying dead. One thing's for sure, it was one hell of a roller-coaster making it this far and looking over all this history of ideas and views in the form of our comics and comments, then seeing how much we've grown from it all since then, I just can't help but smile.

As for me, well I'm still getting ideas for other comics and such, so maybe at one point I'll return to bring those ideas to fruition, but I guess my anxiety of feeling like I have to meet some sort of expectation that's beyond my reach when making comics has taken the fun from it and kinda driven me away really. That, and I'm finding that my interest has been more diverted to creating race tracks for this Mario Kart clone of a mod: (I go by Mr Chezz on there btw)

It has been fun, but I guess for every beginning there's an end; even if it's not the kind of ending we would've hoped for. I'd like to thank all of you guys for giving me such a great experience and it was a pleasure working with you here at D&A.
Well here's ma update.
It's cool Luigi, Just copy Moses' one and it's plain sailing! =)

Also, lol your avatar kinda fits your comment.
lol, nice one man!
I lol'd at Peach texting in mid-air