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Mind if I attempt to make a sprite sheet of this? I'll be sure to give all them credits to you! Also, would it be ok to use it in a webcomic .w.!
Wonder if they actually wanted it to be top secret or not...
Honestly Demo, I think this sprite actually looks amazing, I'd love it if eventually it got a sheet, it is honestly a sprite I see having one.
I'm back from the dead.
Oh god!!!!!!!!!! NATURAL LIGHT!!
It has been 7 months since Demo left us.....he will always be remembered here, he was a good man ;-; he will be missed -Insert military trumpet funeral song here- I salute you Demo, wherever you are
-they come home to see the house in flames, chatot is tied up in the closet-
Dude I would scan this but my 3ds camera is being a fag
Not any digimon, its Jesus!
@Bringer_of_light: He already did, but how bout we get his mega...Jesus!!! I mean Jesmon, ya, Jesmon
All it needs is a mustache and it will be the greatest thing ive ever seen.
Take parrotmon's talons, then phoenixmon's. Bingo, turn em blue and you got azulongmon's hands. also, I think his beard is much longer, considering tamers when they were lowered into a pit on his beard as if it were rope.
Also, they made a Bantyo Mamemon!
Demo, it is time we must do something that nobody thinks we will do....we must revive New Dawn!
Think you could pull off BeelStarrmon
Beakz is doomed O_O
OMG YOUR ALIVE!! -hides casket that said "Demo"-