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I like reading. A lot.
I love video games: I have a 3DS, PS3, and a Wii U.
Video game series I like include: Fire Emblem, Sam & Max, Walking Dead, Shin Megami Tensei, Mortal Kombat, the Zero Escape series, BlazBlue, Scribblenauts, and others.
Favorite television shows: Survivor, The Amazing Race, Total Drama series, Spongebob Squarepants, Shark Tank, and What Would You Do?.
I cook and bake a lot.
And I own a dog.
Guilty Pleasures: Ridiculously bad movies like Birdemic and the The Room, really cheesy/overdramatic songs, my love of ABBA, and more.
Oh, and thank you for caring enough to read this! Have a great existence! :D
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    Isn't Blaineley
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Waluigi is the best, but I doubt he will make it in. Daisy's a close second. Don't watch MPGIS.

Onto the characters!

Eric: He could have some potential...maybe...hmm. I don't know.

Mike: I don't really know what to expect with him. He's cool

Pretty neutral on both of them. Probably leaning on dislike for Eric, though.
I liked Krys a lot, but I'm glad that Cree stayed over her.
That was surprising. Poor Monty, losing control. :(
Good job, Jo! I thought Dawn would be leaving at first, but I had a feeling that Dawn's speech had swayed Jo.

Blaineley begging and pleading to watch the tribal council <3
Poor Eggplant. At least he survived!

Sid is so much better than Bart.
That outburst was pretty...surprising. Woah. O_O

As for the next tribal, I think one of B's targets might go. Probably Lightning and not Noah, though.
I'm glad that Angel won over Eli.

And thus ends my first live season of SFC. It's a lot more fun to read live indeed. ^_^
Yep, it seems that Angel has this win in the bag.
Sunflower is going to receive a lot of criticism from the look of things.
Sorry Haters, I'm more in the future than you
I think Angel has this win in the bag.
Let's see...I predict Paine will be leaving.
I'm looking forward to the Rites of Passage.
Eli is getting sloppy. Saying that the final juror spot is the spot of legends was a mistake.
And thus, the three stooges are all finally out of the game.

I'm pleasantly surprised that I predicted this one right.
Well it looks like Lightning will be able to put his plan in action.

I'm glad that Alejandro has failed in his attempt to throw the challenge. ^_^
I still don't have a good idea on the boot. -_-

I guess I'll go with Claus as the prediction. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone else goes.
That was a bit harsh, Angel.

Tribal council will be very interesting.
...Sunflower, Sunflower, Sunflower...

This season is so crazy.
It's interesting seeing Angel be so quiet.

Hopefully something will finally affect the strong alliance of Eli, Paine, and Sunflower.