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I just read this all the way through after seeing it on the front page! Ilicked on it by chance but I'm glad I did bc this is really good! Your artstyle is great & I love the designs. Excited to see where the story is going too!
yeah,another thing about the equipment and the tower: the shadows? (I'm not quite sure if this was explained at some point, but I don't think so)
I mean, this huge tower and EVERY crane and stuff would cast a shadow, right? And why did no one see this?

(hm. the more I think about it, the more plotholes I find.)

(and eve the cat as bezella would've been pretty cool.The only thing I don't like about this idea is that Layton was always that person that explains and disposes fake magic(or something). Whatever.)
God, that was SO ANNOYING. I have kind of a short tempter so I ended up screaming at my Ds the whole time... The game was really fun though.
Also Barnham looks great! (Exspecially his hair. I tried to draw him once, but I fucked the hair up, so.)
Well, the last panel is pretty good, so I bet the next pages are too??
(also wow, when I started ths comic I never thougth it would turn out like this)
Heck yes, you watch Haikyuu
(It's great isn't it?)
I can't wait for it!
I'm german too
but we missed all the trouble at home because we were in Italy :(
...Who's this guy again? His name's Khan(I read that in the comments) but who IS he? I can't remember.
Wooooah, they really look awesome!
Also kind of really adorable.
Wow, he's so great!
I'm following him now. :D
Ive been meaning to wrte this comment for a while now, but I was kind of too lazy to do it earlier. Whatever.
I more or less stumbled randomly over your comic while saerching for magical girl-comics, a genre I don't even like.
I have no idea why I started reading this(I guess the title sounded cool)but I'm glad I did!
It's really amazing how much you improved your drawing skills! And your characters were just awesome from the beginning. Also you're a great story-teller and I can't wait to read more.

And to this page: I almost forgot about Amber. Like, that she, as Rebecca's friend, plays a (important?) role in her past.
Oh, I love the second and the third panel :D Joe's face looks pretty awesome!
Yes! You're back :D
So happy :D
Also, I totally forgot that Boy has freckles.
Sander's hand in Jock's pants
totally worth waiting half a year :D
"do you want me to punch Noah or something"

I love you :D
I wanted to say this for quite a wihle, but...Why doesn't have every gay/lesbian teenager a Dragon Mom for support. The world would be a better place.

Now I know for sure why I kinda gave up on Yaoi/Boys Love...Why hould I read stuff like that if I can have something like this?
A romance between two boys where the highlight isn't sex! Just what I need.
Thanks for making such a beatiful story.

And, probably a bit late, I love the design of the dragon. It's awesome.

(-My main Language is not english, so please ignore eventual mistakes.-)
I like her hair :D

...And I want to know what her shirt says..."I love..." what?
Okay, definitly a woman.
Shame on me, but I wasn't sure if Elly was male or female first...
It's amazing how a real story can actually be better than a fictional.
This was better than any Shojo Manga I ever read.

And you're a really good artist.
I REALLY enjoyed reading this, so...Thank you too!