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I like yaoi, anime, mangas, and reading

I was given this website by a friend, but didn't join up until I really got into the comics- many people would know me better from Y! Gallery

I spend most of my time there
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yay crazy doc isn't crazy enough to go against mommy <3
Oh no poor Zadel D:

I just hope that stupid doc don't steal him while he's mopping around to turn him into a test subject T_T
Well that's good xD
ooooh zabel's still upset *pets him* it's okay ^^
ahah we'll all have to when he figures it out XD
Strange why doesn't Able remember about Val's poison on Jacob?
idk if I feel more sorry for the door or the fact that jacob is going to be seen naked >.>;
And then he loses all his memories!
intruding his mind in the shower....
*insert pervy thoughts* XD
Val he's going to bite it >.>;
Plus he loves Abel ^_^
Though if he finds out that Ana was in bed with Abel she's beyond dead ^^;

Nice work on the new page, can't wait for more! ^_^
ahaha woah that's a lot
don't know that song, but love the pic :3
nooo no laprat zabel D:
ooooh heading back to hell now that your love is upset at you? See Val I warned you! XD
oh how cute the blondie has a little mole by his mouth <3 <3
but isn't there still a problem? I mean now the boy can only speak if he wants roses, pearls, and diamonds to fall out of his mouth at every word he spoke... won't that like cause problems later on or am I the only one who noticed that he still had that? >.>;
..... LOVE the new banner!
because you'll be shocked down... though do that again that was funny xD
oh no now someone has his lover D: D:
Go save him! xD
and then join our chess club...
I mean I not a wolf *shifty eyes*
Oh, oh, oh!
Are we going to see Abel's powers now? *hopeful*
I don't see anything xD
wait doesn't val know that his master likes abel? Unless he was just going to make abel unconscious to make him
rape-able(sp?) for zabel <3 <3