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Literally been viewing sprite comics since I was 10, started on DD. I couldn't keep a comic series running to save my life. I'm 18 now.


Pokemon TUL : Making a final run at a sprite comic. Updating every Wednesday and/or Saturday/Sunday.
well, two weeks is up and i'll be honest.. I'm kinda getting lazy to make more comic pages.. need some inspiration.
See you guys in 2 weeks!
Gone For Two Weeks.
First things first, I'll be uploading the cover page for chapter 1 on Tuesday but i'll be taking a two week interval to create pages, etc. so, i'll be back by the 21st. :)

@JoFro: thanks man! & you'll see saturday mwahaha.
made an attempt to create a sunset-type-of-mood.. eh.
we're still on the prologue chapter.. whoops. :v

btw.. not really digging how panels 3/4 came out. don't expect that to ever happen again c:
@SilverGamer56: fixed it, thanks! and in PDN, go to layers, rotate/zoom.
@andreya225: it's predictable in a way though isn't it? but anyways.. go watch it! c:
badassery at it's finest. never expect to see that somewhat exaggerated pokeball beam again. c:
I decided to add shadows to the sprites & in following pages, I'll be reverting the font back.. can you guys guess which of Pokemon he'll be getting?
pretty much was the title says,. sorry it dragged on so long.

BTW! im going to revert fonts back & add drop shadows to the following pages. please criticize!
do you like the font?
YES. i know. i hate this page with a passion just bc of the insane amount of dialogue i put in it, but i figured it would save me a few updates to get them all in today without having to spend 2-3 more updates on pure mother-son talking. :v

bare with me, it's almost over. LOL.
Prepare for the most dialogue you'll probably come across in the following pages.
there's going to be a LOT of dialogue in the next few pages so prepare yourself. :v

BTW: I also decided to add eyewhites to the sprites drawing inspiration from Pokemon Granite.
@SilverGamer56: it's a really simplified version of Photoshop and it's free. there's a lot of tutorials out there and it's pretty user-friendly. try it out!
@SilverGamer56: I actually have Photoshop but I'm a noob on it atm so I'm currently using Paint.Net
eh. long prologue huh?
this page didn't come out too nicely but oh well. :v
He's gonna have a fucking Zapdos.