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This is the last bonus!
Thank you for reading. Good bye, readers! c:
Watch me paint it here:
I think after one more bonus, I'll mark this as complete.
@Hikari88: Thank you for the comment! :D
@Jazmyne: Thank you very much! Q u Q
July 25th, 2013
I was a cool kid.

I have several comics done. I was wondering if you guys wanted them to be queued or not?
July 13th, 2013
Digital Art
‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
Wooooooh!!1!!1 Some sketchy things when I had access to a tablet.
Annnnnnd the story ends.
I'll put up some extras, like how the character design evolved to the last-minute-crap-I-don't-have-enough-time-to-draw-such-an-elaborate-costume costume change, character bonuses, the actual image of the banner, and some more!
I hoped you enjoyed it and stick around for these extras. (^ o ^)/
We are approaching the final page! See you then! c:
Wow. That's a lot of angst. I'm sorry, guys.
Does anyone else do that?
July 6th, 2013
Hi, yes, this is future cat lady speaking.
July 6th, 2013
Woooo. New comic.
Daily? Maybe.*
Weekly? Maybe.*
Monthly? Maybe.*
Yearly? Maybe.* AHHAHAH.***

*Don't hate me.
***Pls don't hate me.
Double update because I missed one two weeks ago. Enjoy!
April 13th, 2013
Typesetting is really hard..?
@BetaFlameEXE: Thank you! C:
@Lucazke: Yes, he does! In the pilot of AT, Finn was originally named Pen (I changed it to Penn and tweaked the design a little bit),but once it became a series, Pendleton Ward decided to change the name.
Hello! I did this comic on a four week limit of May 2012. This is my first completed comic! I hope you guys enjoy it. c:

Also Penn belongs to Pendleton Ward.