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yeah oops i acidentily uploaded page 22 on pg 23 i noticed it about an hour after that so it should be in the correct order now!!! DX lol
yeah so back to updating whenever i can..... ^-^

Do you want me to draw you your character for free?!?
all you have to do is guess what my brothers character is. thats it no long legnth paragraph to write or picture to draw. just guess three things (*pssst* i give away two hints one in the picture and one in the comments so your only really guessing once***)

Go here for more info.
Errrrmmm... soor for the long wait.
just letting you know i havent abandoned this webcomic fan thing i am still working on it.
bye :)
SOrry for the late update. my computer crashed last saturday and its friday now and i just finaly got it back up and running. With some great difficuty i was able to save all of my files thank god because i had NOTHING backed up. needless to say im backing stuff up once a month now. geez.... bye! :)
Yay new chapter! thank you to the few who watch and have been following along with this comic!

Shikimaru rocks the chapter two cover whoo!

Peace! :D
O wow so sorry it took this long to get a page up. I just started to go back to school for my degree and i got swept up with my back to school stuff. oh well. i've just gotten myself illistrator. over the next few pages there are going to be mixes from both some photoshop lineartts and illistrator linearts its just because I made and finished some pannels in photoshop before i had illistrator so yeah annyway. Enjoy!
I'm not too proud of how this page ended up looking, so just consider it a page that continues the storyline.

Opps i just realised I spelt knowlage wrong. my bad just ignore that. LoL!

Update again next monday, dont forget to rate watch and comment.

Bye ^_^

three months since my last update.

Okay going to be getting back to my regualr update schedule. which means there will also be a comic posted on monday.

My vacation was awsome I went to Indonisia. but my plane on the way back was delayed for two weeks. yeah crazy I know. the entire airport went on strike. The apperently dont gave a poliocy that keeps them running during a strike.
It was alright though I was able to stay with my family for the two weeks so for them i am very thankfull. Just to awnser any questions about this they are my marred family through my stepmother who is indonisian.

And the other two months i haven't updated for well i've been busy sorry. making this commic does't pay my bills so it took a back seat.

thanks and now onto our regular monday updates.
Sorry no comic this week =(

follow the link at the bottom to put him up on your desktop!

Hey guys, going on a short hiatus. I just finished my fourth semester of university a couple weeks ago and now I'm going away on vacation. I am going to be gone for three weeks and when I get back I will be busy so expect another week past that for the next update. I will draw pages like crazy because I will have nothing elce to do on my 36 hour flight(oh joy looking real forward to that part) and the only other things to do are whach movies I've already seen before and sleep...

thanks Captain Ghost for your comment and feedback. and your right squee I know he's awsome! ^-^

SO untill then just enjoy cutie little Gaara here. if you follow the link at the bottom here you can cuddle him (and his bear) up on your desktop! :)
sorry for the late update.
I've tred something new for this page. you think I should keep drawing it like this?
yes i know sakura looks totaly wierd in the first pannel....

Yay! nejis not retarded anymore XD but sakura is DX
Hi this ones a bit messy sorry, I rushed to get this one done for ya guys. enjoy :)

OMG I hate the way i drew neji!! i promice ill make him look not retarded next page! DX
I'm so sorry for the late update guys. I've started school again and I've gotten so busy because of it but i'm going to go back to my regular update schedle now. okay
byez :)
Holy crap, he looks so big here! lol congrats
OMG I laughed so hard when i read this, or rather I almlost killed myself trying not to laugh because my folks are a sleep. lol.

anyways great story so far.

[ Grr I hate this online clock setup here at smackjeeves it tells me that its 9am when its actualy 12am ]
Awww, so sweet. What a perfect ending to a perfectly wonderfull story. Great job.

(Ha, see! Zack can tell Marian that he loves her)
Sorry bit of a late update. :) enjoy.
OMG LOL! I laughed so hard when i read this! keep up the good work! ^-^
Nice ^-^
Your comic style continues to stun and amaze me good job. He he, her arm dissapeers in panel three.