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Jordan Cat
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So uh, any news for the comic? It's been a while since an update.
The faces of the first two made me chuckle. They just look so...defeated :)
Ah, so much cuteness to go around in this page :)
Seeing some sketches from the old comic would be a very nice bonus indeed :)

Also, out of curiosity, what kind of tablet do you use?
Interesting to see how this plays out this time.
Ah, good old Scar Bro will be the same then :)

Also, I did not notice Yun's hair until now either.
It will take some getting used to, but I do like how detailed it is now :)
A brilliant showing of the races :)
Very cool looking Fire.
Ah, that was a typo! I had just woken up you see hehe.

Sorry Kitsune~
This is great :) Your art is really brilliant Paleothea.
Yay! You guys are back!! :)

The first page of the reboot gives me a feeling of nostalgia and excitement, it looks so much cooler :)
Hallelujah! I knew you guys would be back one day! :)
Ah perfectly understandable :) Was just wondering, eagerly waiting :)
Are um, you still going to post chapters on occasionally?
I hope she's okay...
This is very sad to hear, I'll be sure to still check every now and again.

It's been a very great story while it lasted.
Jordan Cat
August 5th, 2013
Happy late birthday :)

Looks like we're learning more about this character.
Hmm, Fossils. Wonder how this will go with him.