Forklift operator by day comic designer in my spare time. Happily married with 4 dogs.
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July 14th, 2017
Please Comment
Hi all.. Another 30 to 50 pages and I will be printing the first graphic novel. Your comments left here will be added to the back cover. Please comment.
December 19th, 2016
All comments are welcome. Hope to hear from you.

I can't wait.I'm making "The Reaper" into a motion comic. If anyone knows how to use Express Animate and photoanim 2 please let me know. It's going to be great if I can only learn the software. I learned animation years ago.

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Taking a break
I'm having some story problems so I'm taking a pause for now.
1.I can't keep making every character naked or wearing ripped purple pants like, the hulk.
2.My female hero (though needing to deal with her issues in order to make her a stronger character in the future)is, at this moment, pathetically broken.
I'll focus on my other comic for now (The Reaper)and come back to this comic in the future.
Bye for now.
Unbelievable! The artwork, the story. Very good. It's in my fav's.
As writer, penciller and inker, new issues will be slow going but I hope to have this comic series professionally printed eventually.
Any comments to bring the comic up to quality standards would be welcome.
I really like this comic. Well drawn and well written.