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I listen to ska, I like to skate, I like comics (obviously), and drawing is what I spend most of my time doing.
Hi! I'm uploading Rigel and the Star Teens onto Smackjeeves as a sort of mirror. The main place to read the most up-to-date pages of Rigel is at I will be trying to keep this site up as well, because I like the SJ community, but I can be a bit forgetful sometimes!!
Hey guys, sorry again!! I'm very hard at work on Triple Trio, my first year final project at CCS. It's 30 pages and I've been drawing it over the past few weeks. But I realized I already had a cleaned up BF page, ready for coloring so I decided to take a break from Triple Trio and actually make an update!! I hope to make more updates soon, but I also hate to make promises to you all that I don't keep! Thanks for sticking around and as I look thru the upcoming pages, I'm really excited to work on Bello Fortis again!!
@pyrak: I shyore am!
@Samar D'naz: I really appreciate that! Check the next page see the newest update, and a lengthy blog post!
Hey friends! I took a really long break! For that, I apologize! I thought that I would be able to get a lot more done during vacation, but instead, I decided to have a vacation haha!

I drew 150 pages of comics in the year 2012. Or more, if I missed some. Which means I'm drawing 1 page of comics every 2 and a half days. Only half (76 or so) of those pages were for Bello Fortis. The ratio is only going to get more skewed in the coming year. I have other major projects that I'm working on, which you all will learn more about as they come into fruition, and school assignments are just getting bigger. What I'm saying, is that Bello Fortis will be taking the backseat. I'm now considering it a side project. It still has about 100 pages left to go before it's finished, and the update after next, you'll see that the pages will look a little different. I've started drawing the book at a much smaller size to help me get the pages done quicker. I'm also going to stop updating according to a schedule. I'll try to get two pages a week still, but sometimes that won't happen. But if you've stuck with me these last few months of no updating, then I hope you'll stick around for a rockier schedule in the future.

I have to say, it's the feedback that you all provide me that keeps me working on Bello Fortis, so I'd like to say thank you to everyone for supporting this project, and I hope you continue to enjoy the comic in the following months!
As some of you may know, I'm a first year student at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Fortunately for me, that means I have been learning a lot, and making a ton of comics! Unfortunately, that means that I've had less time to work on Bello Fortis. Right now, in order to stay on top of my homework, I have to produce more than one page every day, and for this current assignment, I've (for some ungodly reason) chosen to be a bit more realistic and detailed in my drawings. So it's taking a lot more out of me to keep up with it all.

I've only got a few weeks left in this semester, and I'm looking forward to picking back up with Bello Fortis once winter break starts. This will be a good break for me, so that I'll be pumped up to get back into working on it again (because I'm super excited to finally get to draw my favorite scenes)!!

If you peeps are having trouble facing the internet without some fresh Josh Lees wonderment, then buck up champ! I've got just the trick for you! You can head over to my tumblr and get (somewhat) regular updates of sketches and other comics I've been working on!

So, as always, I'm eternally grateful for all of your support, and I hope you'll all be back in a few weeks when we pick back up with the series!!
I've been working on a lino-cut mini-comic. I'll let you guys know when it's done, and you'll be able to check it out on my tumblr or something. It's called "Punk Rockers on Mars Discover an Ancient Stone Artifact." You'll never guess what it's about.
Wowzers Bowzers! I've finally made it to page 100!! I would like to thank you guys for sticking with it for this long! We're about halfway thru the story, so I hope you stick around for the next 100 pages to come!!

Here's a little sneak peek at what's going to come in the second half of the story: Assassins, alcohol, a few more quotes from famous stutterers, a bit more fighting, and maybe Demos will stop getting picked on... But probably not!
Oh man, I have such a busy week coming up!! I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm making a linocut minicomic, I have a 20-or-so page comic that's due in a few weeks, and I'm doing a 24 hour comic tomorrow!! Plus the next page of BF is page 100!! That's cray-cray in the hey-hey!
First of all, I am so sorry that I didn't update at all last week!! I have a very busy schedule with Cartoon school, plus it was my b-day, plus I had a visitor! Anyway, we should be back on now!

Alright! More action comin atcha! This is the first of the pages in which I've drawn you guys into the comic!! I hope you all like it! In the third panel starting from the left we have: Ryan, Grix, BlackRose, Archtus, my friend Erica, and Ryan's friend Henry.

Grix also sent me some fanart! Check out how rad it is!!! ived-its-first-fan
Hey you guys!! Today is my birthday!! I'm 23. Oh! AND Bello Fortis has been online for over a year now! I forgot to mention it last week! So... Yeah...
I've drawn so many comic pages this week! Cartoon college is starting to get crazy! I was just barely able to squeeze in some time to do this week's pages!

I want to thank everyone for sending photos! You'll start seeing yourselves in the pages coming up soon, so keep a look out!
@blarasorous: For Amtgard, it's a limited number of lives per game, rather than for the whole event. For Bello Fortis, the rules vary from game to game. You'll see in the next battle scene that they just have to count to 50 before returning to the battle. And in the last chapter, they'll have five lives each, and they are out of the game when they run out of lives. Whereas, the NPCs only have one life, and don't return after a count.
Oh no! Demos has been killed! But it's all good, the quest ain't over yet!! (You can die multiple times in Bello Fortis because it's pretend dying!)
@dark eldar pyro: Haha! Yeah, Demos (the redhead) is a teenager who has a crush on Nabi (I'm not ruining that for anyone, am I?), which causes him to act a little irrationally here. Spoiler spoiler (watch out) he gets his reward for turning his back on the goblins on the next page. I'm not sure how arrows work in other games but in Amtgard (the only LARP I've played so my knowledge is a little bit limited), arrows have to be fired from a bow or crossbow in order for them to deal damage. In this case, she wasn't able to nock the arrow in time before she was being chased by Broseidon (the goblin). At least, when I'm being chased, it's pretty difficult for me to get my arrow ready haha!

As for weapon variation: Long swords aren't anywhere in my comic because they looked awkward when I drew them in sketches. There are some axes on page 88 and you'll be seeing a glave and some more varied weapons in the next battle scene (in two or three more pages). As for this battle, the goblins are all using daggers because they are supposed to symbolize claws or fists, which is why they are the same color as the ears that the goblin characters are wearing. The main reason for my lack of weapon variation, is simply that, even though this comic is centralized around LARPing, there really hasn't been much fighting in the story yet haha! At last, the reason there has been a limited amount of magic is extremely simple: if I make it so that the readers (most of which are not into roleplaying) have to learn too much about the game, then the story gets muddied up with explanations, and I can't just tell a story about people. And while I love getting LARPers excited about Bello Fortis, I'd rather tell a story that anyone can enjoy.

But aside from me and my characters being nubes, I hope you're enjoying the story! Thank you so much for the comment, I'll definitely be adding more fun weapons into later pages now that I know it's something readers are looking for!
Yeah boiiii! Demos is so badass!

Anyway, I'm still looking for photos of readers in their LARP garb to draw in as extras in the backgrounds. And, after a few comments from my non-LARP readers (who I totally forgot to mention in the previous post D:) I'd like to extend the invitation for you non-LARPers to draw a picture of yourself in LARP gear. Or maybe send me a photo of yourself and your two favorite colors at the very least. I really do want all of you guys to be in the comic, because you're the ones I'm drawing it for! I mean, I put enough of myself in it, why shouldn't you be in it, too? Plus my crowd scene drawing will go by so much faster if I don't actually have to think, and I can just look at pictures haha!

If you want more info, check the comments on the previous page. As before, send photos to
Boy howdy! Isn't that a great looking page? Look at that diagonal from the bow in panel five to the girl being shot in panel six!! AH! COMICS!

Anyway, on to other news:

How would you like to appear in Bello Fortis? (Most likely, you'd be in the background, but it still counts!!)

I have a bit of a request from you, the fans. This comic contains a lot of scenes filled with background characters. The thing is, all of these characters are wearing garb that sets them apart from all of the other LARPers at the event. Now, I know that a lot of my readers play Amtgard, or are Scadians, or are members of other games or societies. What I would like from you all, is photos of you (and your friends if they are interested) in full garb. The photos don't have to be high res, or professional or anything, as I will just be using them as reference for (I'll admit) very simple drawings. Be aware that if you have super detailed, or pattern filled clothes, they will be boiled down for the sake of matching the art. Also take note that if your garb is either plain orange or light blue, I will alter the colors slightly so that they won't be confused as being members of Frozen Caves or Achilles' Hill. Also, I should say that if (for some completely unknown reason) this comic is published by someone else, or if I somehow begin to make money off of it (I currently make about 3 cents a day), you won't receive any monetary reward, just my undying thanks.

So, PLEASE send me lots of photos of you, your friends, your park, or maybe some of your favorite action shots from games! By doing this, you'll be saving me a lot of energy by allowing me to not have to go out and ask people online individually if I can use their photos! If you send me photos, I can promise you a spot in the comic, and I will try my best to make you recognizable (to the extent that a pallet of around 60 colors can allow)!

Please send all photos or questions to
@kennelofdog: Haha! Yeah... It's real real bad. I don't know what made me think this would look cool.

I'll be redrawing the first chapter in the next year or so, and this is the page I'm most excited to make disappear.
@VikingScarecrow: I had to look up Zebu. And I'm really glad I did.
Oh man! Look at all dem goblins! Four of which are based on some of my friends at CCS (because they happened to be sitting in the room while I was drawing this page). In clockwise from the left, we have Joyana from , Rachel from , Luke from , Broseidon from this comic you silly!, and Mathew from

Go read all of their comics!