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You said you'd be back by now...
C'mon, Hinata... Just finish sequencing the dino DNA already so you can transform into a badass T-Rex and save everyone!
Just wait 'till Hinata is done... p.s. They recently found out that dinosaurs were feathery, not scaly. Be prepared to draw Hinata as such!
@Anonymous: Badum-tish!
Funnily enough, when the first dinosaur skeleton was discovered, everyone thought it was a dragon too.
For those of you who are interested, blood pudding is made with pig's blood.
The space between spaces.... For some reason, that sounds very, very, rude, inappropriate, and possibly offensive.
HE SPEAKS! And what wisdom he says, too...
Are you going to keep the original characters? That cliffie was WAY too big...
Wait wait wait... Is she the first Red Good?!
@Leroy: It's the magic of Japanese onomatopoeia.
Flare the Ninetales
September 25th, 2016
And do tell me... Exactly what is wrong with being selfish? It just means you want the best for yourself.
And I didn't either.
You can not get enough of that in any situation.
I like her.
You can't exactly call being a weirdo his fault when everyone he loved died around him and he slowly died of rabies.
And we all know about Poe's love history...
Knew that was going to come up sooner or later.