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you mean June 18th?
@Nieidanine: oh dang apologies! I confused myself ><'
are there people outside or is that the pattern on the blinds? o.o
Dylan is 100% Joa's fangirl right now haha!
I'd suspect the "eww" was either a "there's only you I like that's a guy." because it's an actual thing that I have seen happen. Or it's because throughout this comic both seem to have that childish perception on sex which could be why the word anal was "eww"
But I could be reading into it too much haha!
@pleasingMOFO: take naps probably.
@iiya: their daughter is the cutest thing <33
Wow someone is very possessive haha!
@PurpureaNoxa: vitamin D? -wiggles eyebrows-
@Brenna-Ivy: poor mouse, so timid and confused.
@Nieidanine: that would be so adorable! a Joa with kitty ears and tail, just enjoying a good scratch and purring <3
@Brenna-Ivy: Micah is such a big baby cx i love him~
Ugh.... I'm not her fan right now.
I can only guess military uniform or something like that. How would those other guys recognise him otherwise?
a name at last! I love it~
Cheeky! It was fantasy all along!
ooh! rivalry already? damn!
@Nieidanine: adorable fucking nerds~ <3
@Iron: I dunno some weird romantic comedy like story. In a way it is but it isn't too lol.
OHHHH.... I get it now. I thought I'd be disappointed. I'm not lol