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Izumi kojima
i pee glitters :D
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Your art is sooo pretty!!
i can't wait for the next page!!
i like i like!
I'm done with this but it seems are comic has died :[. I wanna make anoher comic thats stays alive lol
Aww its so cute!!

Wheres the person that has pass by ezra!!!!
Yeah i didn't think he'd be that into the naked love train but they made him antway :]
My computer died and took a long time to save up for another one :<!

I plan on posting all the time because i missed him :[!
And he has no one to loves dun dun Dun!
num num num num
It's a naked love train!!
By the way its not close to done ahaha
I'm missing a few poeple so... you should tell me who!
And its just a fast sketch of who's going to be where i'ma make the whores cute! :]
I hope this comic come back to life too
As you can see it was done fast in like a min no joke it looks soo bad ahah!
I just wanted a page up :]!!

Wahahah silly ezra he should really watch his wording that's what gets you raped! jk jk :]
Awwww!! i could eat him right up!!
Num num num :3
I'm sorry i havent posted it took me a long time to get another computer!!
And now Ezra has no love </3

But i will post a comic page soon!
And make him happy again!!
THAT IS AMAZING! aND EZRA LOOKS SO CUTE. You didn't fail silly
OMG i effing LOVE him!!
Awww !!!
I wanna eat him :3
That does sound good!!
Sorry i had to hurry this!!
And i totally though i put a page up the other night maybe i didn't click enter lol!!

Sorry i failed on Cian!! :[