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I'm 17 and I love ice-cream ^-^
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    Salayog, Blessy
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Been a fan since 2017. I really love the comics and hope I can support you more. <3
Can't wait what happens next! <3 <3 <3
WHAT NOOOOOOO what about Kenneth? :<
I really missed your update. :3 I've literally been reading this awesome story since 2013.
@yuugi: OMG!! I've been waiting for an update! <3 Thank you so much for creating this! TwT
A very lovely twist indeed. I have been reading this webcomic for almost 2 years and I must say I was impressed like one day we're hoping for a yaoi scene and then the next we're gonna hate the two potential lovers then the next by the end was like WTF?! But then again, I'm glad I read this. :) It was all worth it. Thank you!
goddamn kenneth! :(
this page is still pretty even though its untoned :D I wonder what happened though ?somehow I suspect that Kenneth can be one of the hunters...
waaaaaaaai~ keep it up ms.comicgirl :))
waaaaa i love this comic <333
WAAAAAH please do some more TwT I'm really starting to get addicted to the story :)) keep it up!
you guys are so cute :)
the storys becoming more and more interesting so far <3 and ohohoho... i've got a hunch about kenneth's sister... :)
this is pretty interesting .i sure do hope she dies though xD i mean all that cheating and stuff ... :(
HAHAHAHAHA !!! this is great ! >:D soooooo evil <3
this is kinda wrong Lucky TT.TT it ain't no promotion man's fault !! TT^TT
just what the F ??? i kinda have the feeling he might see his horrid ex and her new leech "making love" again then a change of plan will happen :X
jeebus what's Lucky gonna do now ? 'A'
wahahahaha!!! things are just getting better and better between these two .how i love them <3