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Beautiful artwork and colors, I look forward to seeing where this story may lead.
Hey guuuuys
Quick doodle update! Don't worry, I have been working on new pages~ But I want your opinion! So please head over to my LJ and answer a poll for me :3
Thanks in advance!
Sorry, everyone! Didn't mean to leave you hanging like this. This quarter has been way busy. On top pf a full class load and a job, I have my first year portfolio review to worry about. @_@ Wish me luck! Updates will resume ASAP! Thanks for sticking with me <3.
Hope you enjoy the Caleb sketch :3
New Page!
Sadly, though, the next page may not be ready in time for next week D: First week of classes was busier than expected, and it didn't help that they had me working more hours than I had asked for :|
But! If the page is not ready, I'll at least post some character art or something~
Not quite Sunday, but I figured close enough! Page 20! I need to work on drawing the characters more consistently :|
Annnd we're back! For now, updates every Sunday night :D
Also a new look for the page, and a few other things~ Enjoy!
4 page update! :D Make sure you see them all~ These pages by Ebi!

Perhaps it wasn't just a dream after all?!

On a side note, don't think I'll hand ink the boxes and leave the text in handwriting next time... Hope you guys don't have any issues reading it. o_O
4 page update! :D These pages by Ebi!

Aww, poor Kamio... buried in an avalanche of demon dust bunnies. u_u
4 page update! :D These pages by Ebi!
4 page update! :D These pages by Ebi!

I'm so sorry I made you look like crap in that last panel, Pallas D:!! Forgive meeee!
Hiiiii! :D
Just wanted to announce that Prae will be updated weekly beginning Early-Mid July. I'm making preparations that hopefully my busy work/school schedule won't mess with my updates as much as it has D:
To all the fans that stuck with us so far, thank you! You guys are awesome.
To all the new fans, thank you and we hope you enjoy!
So, stay tuned~
Sorry, everyone!
Sorry for the extreme lack of anything. I just started art school, and this first quarter has kept me very busy.
This is a sketch I was hoping to color and use as part of the layout, just, no time. :/
But thank you to everyone who has commented and added Prae to your faves! I really appreciate it! <3
I'll try my hardest to get my homework under control and find some time for page-making!
In the meantime, would you guys like me to post what few prae-sketches I'm able to sneak in? Let me know~
After such a long absence, and all I have for you is this crappy page! D:

Sorry, guys, heart just wasn't in it for a while :/ And with school starting soon, I'll need to find a way to get these done faster or else updates will be very rare D;

Those things in the first panel are supposed to be rows of pews... lol :D;;;
What is this...?! A page in... color?! Why yes, yes it is. I had just about started the usual black and white toning on this, when a little voice in my head was like, "You know you want to do this in color~ You know you wannaaaaa~" And that voice was right u_u; So, I did! First time using cel-shading, need more practice with it :D
Anyway~ Enjoy!
*head desk*
And then a week later I realized... I drew the emblem on the back of Caleb's robe... UPSIDE DOWN D:!!!

Caleb Fanservice
Enjoy the Caleb fanservice ;D