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huge fangirl; moose; anime/mange freak; companion; consulting criminal; somewhat artist; young avenger; loser; gleek; boyslove fan; hunter; hero; austrian; lazy bastard; movie freak; rp nerd; unicorn believer
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wooop update! i frigging love that comic you make me soooo happy ~
stupid dork characters are the best :D
April 10th, 2013
goosh how could i ever forget about this wonderful comic? i'm so sorry .___. haha

i just re-read the whole thing and i love it soooo much. the art is simple amazing and the story is really nice. although revenge isn't quite a new topic, it's a good one and your characters sure are unique and nothing is better than badass girls. like seriously. there are not enough bad ass female comic characters in the world and vesper & tegan sure are incredible awesome! and how can you not love corrick? :3

i can't wait for the next pages and how this whole thing will evolve. great job lady!