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-raise hand-

I like making friends so don't be shy and chat if you like. Admitingly, I'm not much of a talker but I love lending a ear so chatter away~

I. Final Cross = Hiatus
II. aSoG: Bottled Up Confession = Completed
III. aSoG: The Mark of Red = Hiatus
IV. Zekt: Tree x Virus = Completed
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Sooooooooo in all technically I haven't update properly for a year or so.
Where did I go?
Soul searching. That's the best I can describe for the unannounced long hiatus. D;

But now that I'm done with my soul searching and currently settling into my college life, hopefully I'll update more often. xD;;;;

Even though this is months late, thank you for telling me!
I didn't realize until you told me. >///<iiii
-a bit embarrassed-
Whoo! -wipes forehead-
Yea, I said final update should have been 2 days ago but unexpectedly I was busy on Saturday. Had I worked the entire day doing comics, I actually would have finish around Sunday afternoon. But life is life. -shrugs-
Still, a big sorry for those who were waiting. D;
So yea, lol. 2nd webcomic I ever finished, cheers! <3
Vague ending is vague ending since the video of Raison d' Etre was really open ended and there were no chapters afterward. But putting two and two with events 600 years (?) after Masinowa destruction, I guess Ristaccia is still active in a sense.
Thanks for reading, guys!
Just to make sure there's no confusion on the Japanese honorifics,
"Aniki" is a more honorable or superior term to a male.
Just a rough reminder if anyone stops here early, the story will be fully uploaded by 3/27 (Sun.)! O;
Yar~ Fan doujinshi for the Epic of Zektbach! > w <
I just love the story and music so much, I had to do something to show my love (*cough*obsession*cough*).
What better way to show with the two lovely yin/yang girls?! -pant pant-
* A *

Somebody should rap this and post for all of us to see. >8D
December 25th, 2010
-quickly sneaks in and plasters a bunch of paper all over the webspace and runs out faster than lightning-

I own you guys some updates so I figure updates on x-mas might be for the best. O;

Thank you~
And I'm also glad you like my newest aSoG comic too. x////x

Now you can do 5x more read's! >8D

@Things that go boom:
-blushes hard- >//////////////<
Thank you~
-starts to foam and having a seizure attack-

OMG! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really want to know who did this so I can give you internet kisses and hugs and cookies! ; A ;

-stares intensely at the initials-
Hetalia! 8D
-nods off-
Yawn, a bit sleepy. My sleeping schedule is seriously messed up.

Anyway. Another spread sheet?
Unfortunately, this chapter title page is not in color. Would of taken a lot more time (plus I wanted to test something out). D;
I promise the next (last) chapter title page will be in colored.
And those other two characters are not exactly important in this arc but you HAVE seen them a couple of times. -hint hint-

Okie, I'm going to bed now...
-doze off-
Sorry? xD iiii
I was working on a different oneshot ( for the past month that's why FC wasn't updated at all. >____<iii
So I'll get right back to updating this now I finished the other oneshot.
So wheeeeee, we finished Chapter 5. D;
Chapter 6, here we come!

More or less, yes. Bases-wise (for some letters). O;
But it's entirely made-up because I like to do stuff like that. lol

Coolio. O8
And so, it's done. .____.
-wipes forehead-
Whoo! I don't think I draw this much in a month before. I should try to put that effort in my other comics...
Anywho. Thank you everyone for reading this and I apologize if this story is too confusing without the lack of dialogue.
-sheepishly grin-
If you like to criticize it, please do so. Drawing, anatomy, story, paneling, whatever comes to mind.
I very much like to hear the audience thoughts so I can do better for future comics.
If you like this oneshot, I'm very happy to hear that.
And please look forward to a different continuation of this series soon. :3

I'm glad you love it. :'D

I know, right? >'8
-envies my own drawing-
This is as loli as it can get. D;
The final pages/update will be in a few hours. ;3
Gonna pull an all-nighter since this is the last day for late entries of the contest. >8
Lack of sleep, here I come...

-laugh- I don't really update this fast and often with my other ones which is a bit shameful to admit. D;
But thank you, glad you're enjoying it. :3
And yes, it's going to end very soon.
Today most likely. D;
Quick mood change? lawl
He's getting pedo-y by the second. D;
>8 ;;;;
Yea, I'm that anti-climatic... = w = iii
-rubs nose-
Now we're entering the shoujo zone.... -laugh sheepishly-

Ladders are dangerous! D8<
This is my favorite dress for this one-shot. D;
(Save the best for last, lawl)

Welcome to the world called lolicon. xD

And you shall now~ <3
So close to the end yet so far away. D;
Actually, I skipped a page since I'm running low on time. If I have time at the end, I might work on it and upload it other than that, it's not exactly interesting nor is it necessary. D;
Angry loli is angry loli. :D
I just realize that her clothes is not appropriate for the current weather. lawl
(Let's just say she got guts.)


Thank you. :3