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Delicate Kitten
Faye Black is currently a student in the visual art department. She believes that there is always need for improvement. She is also working on her first novel that she hopes to publish sooner instead of later.
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Best comic I have read in awhile. Thank you for the wonderful story and I am excited for more. The art is amazing, the slight demented-ness gives me the shivers and I love the originality.
Best page ever!
Love this story and the art. I can't wait for more.
It is not boring at all!
Thank you for updating! I always look forward to your updates :D
I was BORN ready. Bring it on! (Love this page!)
I am absolutely in love with this and your work. Is there anyway to make the font more readable? Maybe a little bigger? I love this page though! No criticism from me.
What a wonderful page. Just discovered this comic yesterday and I am already in love and look forward to more! The story and the art is amazing!
I really look forward to your updates <3
Suffer with your art? Pleeeeeaaaaase I love your art style!
I'm glad you discovered a better way to manage your time with this so you feel more relaxed. It's extremely enjoyable to read your work.
So demented. I love it
Love it love it.
Love it! Aleks was being a jerk in the beginning so I am glad Diji is standing up for herself
I love it
I'm in love with this comic. The art is just so awesome and creepy sometimes ^^
None of your pages have been shitty. It's trully suspenseful! Can't wait for more OwO
Have you ever had any of your stuff published? Your art is amazing!