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Don't wanna write anything yet, too lazy.
The image doesn't load...
Seconding Andromeda Lazuli's comment.
July 7th, 2014
Just wanted to tell you that I really like your comic. Can't wait to read more :-)
Great comic !
Just stumbled upon your comic, and I love it ! Thought you'd like to know: it's always nice to get positive feedback on whatever one does, I think.
Anyway, keep it up, can't wait for the next update.
Ouiiiiiii, les Triplettes reviennent!
@Le Lama: et que leurs proies soient des moutons noirs rend le tout encore plus savoureux !
Superbe! Tu t'es inspirée de quoi pour le bâtiment ? Parce que moi, ça me fait penser au Printemps à Paris... sans la coupole, c'est vrai, mais bon. Enfin, c'est peut-être juste moi qui prend mes désirs pour des réalités: j'aime bien quand des éléments réels sont intégrés dans le monde fictionnel d'une histoire.
Quoiqu'il en soit, keep up the good work, ta BD est vraiment bien! D'ailleurs, en parlant de super BD, as-tu quelque part dans ton site, le bouton de pour voter pour ta BD ?
Le boss bosse?
J'adore ta BD !!! désolée de pinailler, mais je crois que tu as laissé une coquille dans la bulle de la 4e case: "bosse" au lieu de "boss".
Super l'allusion aux Triplettes de Belleville !!!
I really like your comic, it's quite funny, and story+art are good too. Keep it up. Have fun(?)/good luck at school & at work. And have a nice summer (I know it's not there yet, but nevermind).
Can't wait !
So we can expect another update with a bit of story in it, soon ? Or this year at least ?
I sure hope so...
But hey, no pressure really, honest.
Still, hope to read from you again soon.
Just stumbled upon your comic, and LOOOVE it !

(And I guess... happy birthday to your grandfather?)
I second Alison (Guest): love your work, and can't wait to read more, but no pressure, take all the time you need, we'll be waiting as long as you want -still, not too long hopefully!
April 23rd, 2013
I quite like your comic so far... and wondering how the rest of the story is gonna go. But no pressure, take your time, we'll be waiting for you.
April 23rd, 2013
That's one cool picture ! Love it.
Reminds me a bit of... mm, was it Apollinaire? yeah, I think so.
Poems in form of objects, he also had a name for that but I've forgotten it.
Did he inspire you for that image?
Yeah, software updates suck... or at least you only remember them when they do.
Is there a way to revert to the previous version of a software that's already been updated?
Cuz THAT would be a great update option!

(P.S. in relation to your previous post on language errors & teaching:
I'm not sure how accepted/correct is the "'cuz' spelling, but I knowingly use it because of its oral feel: I'm just writing a comment not a essay... although it slowly is almost getting long enough to be one. Stopping now).
I can totally relate to that.
I like to whistle or sing or hum at home.
But it usually irritates me when the people around me do it.
And I tell them to stop... sometimes.
But I still do it myself, 'cause it doesn't bother me, I sometimes am
a bit of an ass that way.
This is such a true observation.
I totally agree with the view on religion -how its sometimes used as a "shield"/excuse for horror- that is pointed out here.

And I'm surprised there weren't any comments of that post, particularly from shocked religious persons, but I guess they probably wouldn't read/follow a mostly critical/satirical comic such as yours, so.

Lastly, I didn't quite get the epilogue -maybe it's because english isn't my mothertongue?

Anyway, I quite enjoy your "Selfabsorbtion". Keep it up.
It was exactly the same for me. I grew up in a 7-man-household (can one say that?): me, 4 siblings + our parents. Then, I shared flats with 2 to 4 people.
So I had never lived alone until I was... 26 or so.
It was only for 3 months, but it was awful, I hated it.
Going home and (not) saying "I'm back" to an empty apartment is fucking depressing.
So I hogged my friends's living rooms and couches a lot.
So true !
This comic reminded me of how I like going to art exhibitions with my mother (and sometimes her colleagues), because she explains things about the artworks, that I either didn't notice or didn't know -she's an art historian.

Strangely(?), when it comes to modern art, I don't really need her to explain anything.
Probably because, like you said, the particular feeling a piece gives/transmits you (if it's an effective, powerful one) is enough and/or works as a starting point for a better understanding of it.
Also, it's interesting -maybe?- how usually the art from before the 1st half of the 19th century doesn't work like that on me, I don't react to it as emotionally as to more "recent" art.

So, what you said about art in general at the end of the comic, and about modern art in your comment is so true! I feel exactly the same way.
Which is why I sometimes can't see/look at to much art pieces at a time, particularly modern art, because it somehow gets to emotionally owerwhelming (maybe like to many people talking to you all at the same time?; is it weird?).

God, every time I leave a comment, I end up feeling like a total egocentric idiot !
But well, I already wrote all that, so I'm still gonna send it.
Still, sorry if I was boring, too long or whatever...