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Video games, Bravely Default at the moment
Watching videos.. Twitch/Youtube
Watching anime, reading manga
Webcomics here on SmackJeeves ^.^
Drawing characters I like and OC's
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    Jay Lynk
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s p e e c h l e s s
I've marathoned this comic through, I have to say it's pretty fantastic! I feel so inspired to do something Mystery Dungeon related now...
Keep up the great work!
This is great!
I'm amazed you've been updating so fast, I'm enjoying how this is going so far!
Is it just me?
This page appears to be broken, darn.
January 18th, 2015
@dracone: Where he's currently at in the story, he was on Caldwell creating a new tool to use, to show that Alchemists can be useful.. The story is still beginning, in a sense, we could still be more patient until we learn more about the world
Welcome Back, Galaxy Spark!
I can't wait to see how your art style's changed!
I like this series so much, I could see it being animated one day :D
The relationship between Gengar and Jen reminds me so much of the one between uh.. Was it "Joe and Ellie?" from The Last of Us? Some hardened vet and a noobie xD
I wonder if he's gonna be like Riven D:
Good luck making the time!!
If we're gonna get that cool font over all the attacks, I'm excited to see whats gonna be used in the future O.O;;
Now I imagine a scene where Bram is reading romance novels, like Kakashi Hatake xD
You could eat Jen's nightmares! xP
After looking at the first panel again, I kinda feel like she's pickpocketing Caldwell? The arm's position makes it look like it a bit, could be wrong tho xb
I didn't notice it until we got to see another Gengar
But the Gengar we've started the story with is a shiny one!! :OOO
@Blank: She said everything was worthless, I can't see her really meaning the tiny gem on the statue ._.
And here I was hoping the weird statue would be something worth a lot LOL
I liked how his hair used to look haha, it reminded me of Danny Phantoms xD
It's gotta be
A proposal, he wants to marry her, I'm sure of it