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I play final fantasy XI on the Diabolos server, my character's Nagorigo. I like to draw and I've tried to make a few videogames. I plan to learn C++. I know some Java.
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I like the facial expressions lol
Realized it wasn't very funny half way through writing it.
Zombies are always awesome. Will be interested in seeing how this turns out.
It was mainly to avoid stretching the comic wider than the banner.
Do people prefer this layout over the 2x2 layout?
Sorry for the rough art. Just got my tablet back recently, and haven't had much practice with it.
I don't know. What do you want to do?
Snap, that looks cool. Looks a bit like some wallpapers I made in GraphicsGale, but more streamlined.
Quick Sketch
We're back!
This is a quick sketch I made on Friday. I don't get much practice shading in pen.
Im level 18 now. Havent played in a while, but I really want to play soon...
Woohoo! Color! Not great at it, but it looks better at this scale than it did at the full size.
You know it's a true story. I couldn't get my stuff back from you for like a week.

:D Hi Brendan!
OK! I'm actually gonna update this thing from now on! I've got a new banner in the works too.
I Finally managed to make Headgear! But you can't even see it on my character model except for the chin strap.

(PS: I'm a Level 13 Tarutaru Redmage on Diabolos)
It seems like this comic's broken. Anyway, it said "DAILY UPDATES STARTING DECEMBER 21!"
This happened to me last time I tried to make a hat. Then I tried again and broke my crystal.
I'm really sorry that I haven't updated recently. The story arc I'm doing right now doesn't seem to be as fun as I thought. I've got some other stuff I'll be posting, maybe this weekend.
I might redo the shading on this one. The gimp was being uncooperative yesterday.