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crazy D comix
I have a company called CrazyDComix with a few friends. I like comic books, trading cards, old scary movies, ASDF movies, origami yoda and minecraft. I saw this website and I also saw some Mario Bros webcomics that were pixelized and I saw some of those a while back and that is exactly what I wanted to do. The following person I know on this site is:
and the comics I will be working on mostly are:
splatter house sprite showcase,
super Mario bros forums,
the mega man sprite expo, and
bad ads.
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    Dylan Murphy
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face punch!!! 2
well it kind of blows that I put two of the same pics in the same place twice so I made punch face 2
our first fan art!
ok I got this art from :

under the artwork section.
my first mega man sprite sheet
I got these sprites at
It worked!!!
Well I got my sprites back.
I checked it out
game is the name
Rick died
thanks maximum
Zocky was telling me to thank maximum in the comic comments so I am.
I accidently mixed up the super man intro with the mario bros intro.
mario meets sega genisis`s splatter house!
I went to the spriter`s resource and clicked on genisis. Then I looked under "S" and saw splatter house. here`s the link
my first shameless ad
well what`s the point of joining a comic if your`e not gonna do anything also
3rd sprite page
this is our next sprite page
thank you maximum
so here`s the old splatter house game sprites which I might post in the super mario bros forum.