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Omega Kirby
I'm a follower of Christ, and not ashamed of it, or trying to hide it.
I'm pretty new to Smack Jeeves, I like pie, Mario, Kirby, Sonic, and the Legend of Zelda series.

I have three comics currently, not sure which is 'main' :-/

My current avatar is 'cooking with Kirby'
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>Go to your locker and get equip,
Omega Kirby
March 10th, 2015
Hovering blocks? They're a very normal part of minecraft... Why does she consider them weird?
>Get Katelyn to heal everyone (except enemies, but including Old Man) and fuse Katelyn's Light tome with your Lightning Tome.
Omega Kirby
March 8th, 2015
You can't do that in Minecraft! ...Can you...?
Omega Kirby
December 2nd, 2014
Doesn't it hurt him?
Omega Kirby
November 28th, 2014
By the way, those are zombie bites? Uh oh...
Omega Kirby
November 27th, 2014
Not realistic! In REAL minecraft, even if you are on the brink of death, you still mine at the same speed!
Omega Kirby
October 31st, 2014
@Awdz Bodkins: What do they multiply by?
Omega Kirby
October 28th, 2014
@Lego_423: It's not murder! They're zombies... They're already dead.
New comic: 3Xauthordoo
@Koopario: No, he smells chocolate. DUH!
Omega Kirby
August 5th, 2014
Is Sam a Denizen, or Player? He's died before, because he has a mortal enemy. But he is actually inside the game, so, what is he? A mixture? A respawning Denizen who loses his memory every time he dies?
@MetaFawful: Or does he?

@Kevin The Kirby: Yeah... It's good that he's already brown.
Omega Kirby
August 3rd, 2014
That sword is awesome.
Omega Kirby
July 22nd, 2014
Is that an anti-enderman?
@GraciaWarrior: Not always. Don't forget water evaporates.
Omega Kirby
July 20th, 2014
This isn't his soul rival. His soul rival has a helmet with an S
q p

Upside down sugar noddy!

Also, has Drogan seriously thought of Marx as a friend?
@8bithuman:Drogan's is lighter.