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September 20th, 2006
the are probibly behind the word boom
From Trauwyn
So this marks the beginning of possibly larger comics, depending on how much
bigger I need to allow the story to continue on so I can fit more jokes and
story in there. This may, also, mark the beginning of my mental break down.
Anyway, this comic represents the first real plot of the story. As Trauwyn
lives in this new world, he meets new people and makes new friends. But
everything is still foreign and his body has yet to adapt to this new
environment. That means he's open to any and all diseases that could afflict
him in this new place.

With that said, I'll do a bit of explaining. I wasn't sure how to get
anymore jokes out of introduction, so I started thinking of a new story
plot. I came up with this and decided to start with a new joke. The last
panel is the ludarn, a Trauwyns 'lesser brain'. It controls all bodily
functions, including the form that a Trauwyn takes, hence why this
mysterious black goop is so threatening.
I don't know why your called Akins but props.

Being stupid isn't an excuse for us to be nice to you people. Its a reason not to be.
Its funny what do you mean you don't have a joke. Trauwyn made comic
Oh god this is hilarious. Trauwyn your brilliant
Yay I was drawn! In the box again. You guys like the idea of a hobo in a box eh? If I can find one of my this end up sweatshirts i'll wear it for an ask Egon Comic by trauwyn
ouch sucks to be metal sonic
I found this hilarious go trauwyn
for the love of god please submit guest comics
yup these are fillers of the images from the first plot colored
Heh hes weak against blows
For my visual basic project I made a game
The egon way
1 Grapple to his forhead or stomach
2 Punch at 50 mph to the head or groin
3 Stick explosive vials in nearest hole
4 Kick off and detonate
yes vash was only his nicky
heh craer worries about how much I overwork myself so hes really a kitten at heart
its based off our word assosiation board