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September 13th, 2014
April 25th, 2014
Yay the yearly update! I really love this comic and hope you continue. As for advice or comments I would say that I like your style and the angles you use. The Panels are always interesting.
Her face is too cute right there.
I'm a fan of it :)
I lost my cat too recently, she was my baby and the first cat my husband and I ever got together. She was fluffy and always followed me around and slept on me. I hope you feel better and keep the little furball in your heart.
Another acceptable name would have been pumpkin head.
I really should re-size this you can'ts see the top right panel.
Freaking Love her hair! It's everywhere!
I love that guy haha!
So Dramatic! Awesome!
I realize that it says life instead of luck >.<
Sorry, busy with work.
July 16th, 2011
OMG This is so cool! I love this story!
July 16th, 2011
lol it's cave johnson!!!
Chapter page. If you like this comic, please comment or fav! It'd show me someone was at least interested.
This is where the story gets interesting
yay! so beautiful!
So, cool. This comic = love!
whoa! I think I'd do the same if any girl/guy did that to me! Lol I just found and really like your comic, can't wait for more!
Can't wait for the next page. ;D