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Here's the last two pages! Sorry for the delay! I hope you enjoy these~! See you next week! :D Hopefully my fatigue and my eyes will cooperate this time.
I realize this update is short, but fear not! Two more pages are going up tomorrow. I just couldn't finish them in time because my fatigue has been getting to me and it suuuuucks. Cause I really wanted to have it done on time, but those will be up at the same time tomorrow. See you around for that! :D

(What was up with Elysia in that one panel after Taël caught Vesna? Not telling! Until later in this chapter anyways.)
Yeeeeeeeeeah, I lied about the chapter title. Had a change of heart over the hiatus. Go figure. :)

But I'm back! And we're continuing the Summoners Arc. Thank you to all patrons who supported me throughout the hiatus! Check out the links above and below the page if you would like to support me. And even sharing the comic around does wonders, so please share if you care! ;)

See you next week!
Other ways to support me!
Here's my commissions page!
Here's my ko-fi, if you'd like to tip your dear artist!
There is also, of course, my Patreon for the comic!

So if you'd like to help me out, I hope that you consider doing so! And even if you can't with money, spreading the word about the comic is plenty! You never know whose ears it might reach!

I'll see you guys soon! I love you!
Chapter 42 wraps up in the next update! Which means it's time to reveal the name of Chapter 43!

The name of Chapter 43 is Wave. See you for the conclusion of the next chapter soon!
A bit of comeuppance for Felicity's antics earlier. Hahaha. I quite like Shanton and Felicity interacting. They're both only children so I think it'll be fun to see where that goes. :)

The end of the Chapter is coming up soon; it's gonna be interesting to see where and how Vesna ends up!

Does my inking look any different? I inked all the pages this week on a Cintiq! I was borrowing my partner's since I stayed over the weekend! :D I still need some adjusting but it was really fun!

See you next week!
We already know who the spy was, but how will Aletha react when she finds out about her sister's plan?

We'll find out next week! See you then!

We'll finally get to what this chapter's all about next week! See you then~!
Looks like we'll be seeing Aletha on a more formal manner soon!

And who was that lady at the beginning of the chapter? She not only knows about the twins but she also seems to know about the whole Guardian situation! Also her text was in color so she MUST be important! Lol. Don't worry; we'll see her again. Not for a while though.

For now, see you next week!
And that's the end of Chapter 41! Kyouna looked a bit too confident at the end of this chapter. Maybe she's just a bit stressed, I dunno. But I don't like it! D:

Chapter 42 starts next week! I haven't mentioned the title yet because I'm still deciding on a title. It happens lol. I guess we'll find out together this time, huh?

See you next week!
Boy that sure looks like a reason for naming the chapter "The Discarded Name". :)

Yes, Death's real name is Kyouna Jhaodan (Jyah-oh-dan). But more importantly, the end of the chapter is next week! :D See you then!
Aletha meets Elysia and the others in 2 weeks! :D

There will not be an update next week because I'll be at Soda City Comic Con! I haven't done a con in a while, so I hope I'm not rusty! If you're in Columbia, SC this weekend, feel free to stop by and say hi! I'll be under the name Arcana7 Studios!
Phew! Can you believe we've passed 1200 pages now? Thank you for reading if you've come with me this far!

This update was pretty gay, huh? ;) It won't stop there, believe me. Taël's getting awfully attached to the girls from Earth, especially one in particular. :) We'll see where that goes soon, but for now we gotta make another stop to Castle Pandemonium. See you next week!
Sorry for the short (and late) update, but I had a ton going on this week, but I figured any update was better than none. So here's some pages! I'll do my best to make it up next week!

We learned a little bit about Ophelia this week! We'll wrap up this scene for sure next week. See you then!
It's the return of Ophelia! Yay! She'll have a little more scene in the pages to come, so I hope you're excited for that! She's pretty cool, I think. :)

And has Vesna really given up on making it out of Castle Pandemonium? Queen Hemera seems worried!

See you next week!
That hiatus page totally didn't say the 22nd originally because I can't read a calendar. Nope not at all.

Anyways, here's the beginning of Chapter 41! It's been really fun getting back into the swing of things! There won't be any fighting this chapter but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

See you next week!
Hey guys! I haven't been feeling my best recently, and I've been dealing with a lot of new things going on. And I really feel like I've been slipping in motivation, and therefore quality, in the comic. So, I'm gonna take a quick break to rest up and hopefully get my crap together in order to be better for myself and the comic.
So, I bet you're wondering what this means for the rest of you, right? Well I have answers for that!

Lovely patrons who chuck money at me every month:

First off, thank you. :D

Secondly, you may have noticed that I haven't said anything about July's TopWebcomic image. Beeeeeecause it's not done yet. (See what I mean about Everything Happening So Much?), but patrons are about to get June's right after I hit post on this. July's image will be up soon. Patrons will also get some extra bonus art while I'm gone, including the $1 patrons.

"So this means you'll be on hiatus during Elysia's birthday, right?":

Yes, Elysia's birthday is July 7th, so there won't be a comic update, however, there will be birthday art just like every year. Maybe more than one? We'll see how the week goes.

"But you won't really be resting if you're drawing a whole bunch. Will you be alright?":

I appreciate any concern you may have, but I'll be going at my own pace for pretty much everything I post between now and then, with the only exception being Elysia's birthday image, for obvious reasons.

"What's with that image?":

It's a big ol' reference to Heartcatch Precure, which I friggin' adore. It's a damn shame that none of the (legal) American streaming sites actually have it. But if you ever get the chance, please watch it! It's great. :D

(Yes, I know Netflix has a couple Precure seasons under the names "Glitter Force" (Smile Precure) and "Glitter Force Doki Doki" (Doki Doki Precure) but they change a few of the Precure's Cure names and cut a TON of episodes, so I'd rather watch the originals.)

(Let me yell at you about magical girls one day; it's fun I promise lol.)

That's everything for now! Let me know if you have questions and I'll see you soooooooooon!
Got a whole lotta questions to round out this chapter! What's gonna happen to Vesna now? We'll find out when Chapter 41 starts! See you then!
Now I'm sure you noticed that there's no "End of Chapter 40" tag on the last page.

The rest of the update will go up tomorrow.

See you then!
The battle ends next week! Sorry there's only 4 pages this week. I've been feeling sluggish lately. Maybe it's all the summer heat?

Anywhosit, I think the chapter itself is also going to end next week but I'm not entirely sure! But I'll give you guys the title of Chapter 41 just in case!

Chapter 41 will be named "Discarded Name".