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Blah, I'm sorry that I've been quiet lately, and I'm sorry that this update is late. Again. For the newbies to the comic, I have a chronic illness, and it's been messing with me moreso than usual lately, so I've been pretty much incapacitated while trying to rest. I'll try to do better! Love you guys!
I'm back! Not as many pages as I wanted, but we're back! We're gonna be getting to know the twins! Hope you didn't miss me too much!

See you next week!
Edit: Summer is a lot busier than I thought. I'm going to be in a wedding as well as selling at a con in August, so I'm, sadly, extending my hiatus to make sure I don't burnout again. Please wait a little longer for me, okay?

Well that's the end of the chapter and the start of my hiatus! I'll miss you guys while I'm gone. Keep an eye on my twitter; I do post there occasionally! I'll catch you guys in July! ♥
It only took roughly 30 chapters, but now Taël knows what we've already known: Death has captured her mother. What will Taël do about it?

Chapter 44 ends next week! It's time to reveal the title of Chapter 45!

Chapter 45 will be called "The Regal Twins of North Madain". However, I will be going on hiatus before I start the next chapter, so it will have to wait for a bit. (See the next post under the home page.)

See you next week!
And so a deal is made! Taël specifically will learn something important next week! Be here for it! :D
Oh look is plot time again! We'll be getting back to this next week! See you then!
Sorry this update is so short! If you have seen my video on patreon (it's public), I've been hella busy/hella sick, so things have gotten in the way. Hope you enjoyed the update nonetheless. My journey to getting back on track continues next week! See you then!
Gosh look at the awkward nerds. I love them lol. But hey, do you think that it's Vesna they were talking about on the phone? We'll find out soon! See you next week!
So it's finally out in the open. Just not to the each other lol. Will that happen eventually? Well, you'll just have to see. :D

It's good to see Karina, Lorin and Nadine all so warmly receive the info that their loved one is gay. I'll be writing a post about that sometime this week on tumblr, so keep an eye out for that!

See you next week! ♥
Surprise! Today is actually my comic's birthday! April 14th, 2013 is the day I first started putting pages online. 😄 And now we've just hit 1300 pages! It's wild when I think about it! 🌹🌹🌹 Thank you to anyone who's engaged with the story so far; I hope you stick around for the rest of the ride! (Did you notice there are three Guardians holding up two fingers? 2+2+2=6 years of the comic. 😉)

Honestly, I'm just glad I remembered this year. It usually sneaks up on me and then I'm busy and forget lol. Thank you all for reading my comic and patrons will see the next update tomorrow!
Woohoo! 1300 pages! And it's a pretty important update, too! Well, the "Admission" part of the chapter title is pretty obvious immediately, but the "Discovery" part we'll have to worry about later. We have more admissions coming next week! See you then!
I was gonna do the usual and leave these up early for patrons, but I didn't see the point since I can't time when site updates go up on Smackjeeves, so here it is for everyone! :D

Continuing my "draw new characters has FF classes" project", Aletha is an FF3 summoner, for obvious reasons, and Vesna is a scholar, because I didn't wanna make them both the same thing and it's a nod to Vesna's level of planning around Death and her escape from her. :)
Chapter 44 starts next week, see you then!
You may have noticed a ton of typos in the main three's conversation, but that's on purpose. Elysia, Karina, and Lorin are teenagers after all, and I wanted to reflect that in the way they text (except Lorin, who is a stickler about her own grammar lol). So the typos in this update are likely on purpose, but if you're not sure, you're always free to ask! :D

Besides that, now we know the reason for the chapter title. I didn't wanna be TOO on the nose and name it "Wonderful"; I thought just "Wonder" was a bit better. It has the double meaning of Elysia and Taël wondering how the other feels about them and them kind of being in awe of each other.

And speaking of chapter titles, Chapter 43 ends next week! :D It's time to reveal the chapter title for Chapter 44!

Chapter 44 will be named Admission and Discovery. I think we all know where the "admission" will come from. :)

See you next week!
The Setsuna/Queen Beryl combo was expected but I'm loving the dynamic!
@hiddenhero220: Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much! I had a lovely birthday! :D
While I still draw and ink in Paint Tool Sai, I've been learning the ins and outs of Clip Studio as well. Can you tell? :) It's been very interesting so far. As old as I am, I didn't think I'd wanna take the time to learn a new program but it's been really fun!

Speeeeaking of old! My birthday is March 7th! I'll be out of town this weekend visiting SCComicCon, and so there won't be an update next week. :( I'll be back the week after though!
There's not much going on in these last two pages, and that I was a big reason why I wanted to push those out this week instead of having to spend time on them for next week's update lol. Who's that girl that Death was with? What's a grimoire? What plan does Death have for this poor girl? We'll have to wait to find out!

Buuuuuut I hope you enjoyed this week's update of Elysia and Taël's Excellent Gay Adventure, and see you next week!
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Lorin and Karina...
It's just that Elysia and Taël sure did lol.

I'm doing that thing again this week where I do a partial update and upload the rest tomorrow. I'll let you know when that posts! See you then!
Here's the last two pages! Sorry for the delay! I hope you enjoy these~! See you next week! :D Hopefully my fatigue and my eyes will cooperate this time.
I realize this update is short, but fear not! Two more pages are going up tomorrow. I just couldn't finish them in time because my fatigue has been getting to me and it suuuuucks. Cause I really wanted to have it done on time, but those will be up at the same time tomorrow. See you around for that! :D

(What was up with Elysia in that one panel after Taël caught Vesna? Not telling! Until later in this chapter anyways.)